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RUSH: The IG report on the Hillary email scandal. One of the things that’s leaked that the IG report is going to fault the FBI for delaying reopening the Hillary email case. If you remember that happened on October 28th. By the way, let me say, if that’s all that’s in this IG report, then our expectations are being built up for absolutely nothing. If that’s all this is. The DOJ inspector general will say that leading FBI officials knew about the emails that were on Carlos Danger’s laptop in September of 2016, but they didn’t care about them, they didn’t care to get a warrant to look at ’em until the next month.

Comey is gonna be faulted in the report for not moving fast enough to examine the emails and for taking so long to get a warrant. Now, this report better have more in it than that or all of you are going to be so manifestly disappointed. We’ve even told you about this. We’ve told you everything about this. We’ve told you, Comey knew those emails existed in September. He waited until late October because they thought Hillary was going to win. They wanted to give Trump as little time as possible to react to it.

So Comey announces over the weekend of October 28th that they’re reopening the case. And remember Hillary and her team think that Comey’s screwing ’em. But after only two days, Comey announced that they have reviewed hundreds of thousands of emails, nothing new here, nothing to see, Hillary remains exonerated! The reason for this was to exonerate her fully and completely to let voters know that she was never, ever gonna be prosecuted on this right before the election to give Trump hardly any time to make any hay out of it. That’s why Comey the waited, purely political.

Now, the IG report faults them for waiting when they could have done this all in September. It’s not news to any of you, if you remember, that we’ve talked about this, just like the story of how the deep state arranged for Trump to be told about the golden shower story so that CNN could run a story. All of these were structured operations. Comey’s delay.

You’ve known about this, if you remember this. And again, precisely for two reasons. To fully exonerate Hillary so she couldn’t ever be prosecuted for this. This is the email scandal. Classified data and the missing 30,000 emails where Comey had said she didn’t intend to do anything so we’re not charging her. They had to reopen it because they found some of this classified stuff on Carlos Danger’s computer. They found it in September but they didn’t do anything about it ’til October because they didn’t want Trump to have a whole lot of time to make hay out of it.

They were trying to protect Hillary! But Hillary and the Democrats didn’t see it that way. They thought Comey was trying to screw her, when in fact he was exonerating her again and limiting Trump’s reaction time. That’s why. If that’s all this IG report is — boy, it better have more in it than that, because this we already knew. The IG report hopefully is gonna be telling us a whole lot of things that we don’t know.

It took 15 months to investigate this. And again, it isn’t about Trump-Russia. The IG report, supposedly forthcoming, is only about the Hillary email scandal and the way the FBI investigated it. The best thing that could happen — quote, unquote, best — is that Comey’s value as a witness could be blown up.

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