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RUSH: In 2008 and 2012, voters made a bet. They bet on an unaccomplished but physically appealing Barack Hussein Obama — and their bet was that Obama would deliver utopia. Obama would end racial strife in America and the world. Obama would end war. Obama would end partisanship. Obama would promote love and togetherness and unity. Obama himself even said so! Obama said, “This is the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Barack Obama in the first two months of his presidency for his, quote, “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” Efforts! In other words, everybody bet on Obama on the come. Obama hadn’t done anything. He hadn’t accomplished anything. He had a meteoric Senate career. He literally had not accomplished anything. He hadn’t been there long enough. So every investment in Obama was on the come.

In 2008, 2012, “Obama’s gonna make it all happen: Utopia, end climate change, promote love and peace, end racism, all of that!” In 2008: Nobel Peace Prize, on the come. Obama hadn’t done anything. But just his presence, just his aura, just his existence, was gonna cause the bad guys of the world to lay down their arms and join hands and sing kumbaya. But what really happened? President Obama went on to become a veritable warmonger.

He went on to become a great appeaser of highly aggressive nations: Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea. In 2017, Barack Hussein O and Michelle (My Belle) Obama signed a joint book deal with Random House. The advance was $65 million. The books have yet to be published, but Random House is betting on the come. Despite Obama having not accomplished anything anywhere near his promised agenda, $60 million to $65 million book deal. And now the Obamas sign a rumored high-eight-figure deal with Netflix.

Does anybody notice a pattern here?

Everybody bets on the come with the Obamas, and everybody that makes the bet loses.

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