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RUSH: Stand by in a second. I’m gonna tell you who I think did hack the Democrat server. In fact, I think we already know. People have just forgotten.


RUSH: As to who hacked the Democrat National Committee server, it was Democrat National Committee employees. People hired by Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz. It was the Pakistanis, folks. The Pakistanis hacked the Democrat National Committee servers and I will explain.


RUSH: On the hack of the Democrat National Committee server. You will not find, if you Google the Awan brothers from Pakistan, you won’t find many stories. It’s being totally ignored. But there were three brothers from Pakistan, and they were hot to trot computer specialists. They were IT stars. Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz hired them and put them on the payroll. And they may not have been the ones to hack.

I will not be surprised if it is eventually learned that these guys did it. They’re gone now. They are back in Pakistan. They were fired when it was discovered what they had done. Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz hires them, these kids from Pakistan made off with all kinds of computer data from all over the DNC, and anywhere from 44 to 80 Democrat congresspeople had their data stolen, and in some cases, even the hardware, the computers themselves were stolen.

They were paid millions of dollars to have access to these computers because they were the IT specialists, they were the people charged with keeping the Democrats’ equipment up and running, keeping all of the software updates current and making sure that maintenance was done on the network and on the hardware.

There were a lot of red flags about these people. They’re Pakistani Muslims. But they were given carte blanche is the point. The story was reported some time ago, the original theft and the fact that these guys left Washington. One of them I think left Washington under cover of darkness, once they had been discovered and they’re in Pakistan where they will not be extradited back.

The story has been completely and totally covered up. It was very embarrassing to the DNC when it happened, and so the Drive-Bys have ignored the story. Now, I’m gonna give myself a caveat. It may not be these guys. The Awan brothers. Again, their names are Groucho, Zeppo, and Harpo. No. Their names are Abid, Imran, and Jamal. I was confusing them with the Marx Brothers.

They were kids. Awan, A-w-a-n, brothers. And there is information that they were involved in theft, Democrat National Committee data. But the important thing is that this investigation, if you really, really want to get back to the starting point was when Democrats said that the Russians hacked their servers. Same time the RNC servers were attacked but unsuccessfully.

And not to be redundant, but the Democrats refused to let the FBI forensically examine any of the network data that would, you know, have digital footprints that would maybe identify who came in and hacked data. The hardware was there. Nobody made off with the server, nobody made off with the hardware of the network. It was all there. Just the data had been hacked and stolen. We’ve been told from the get-go the Russians did the hacking, and they did it to help Trump win. And everybody just accepted it.

There has yet to be — do not doubt me — there has yet to be any evidence furnished that the Russians did the hacking. Now, in the course of staying up to speed on this, I read I can’t tell you how much about it, so much that I can’t remember where I read some things. But one of the most telling pieces of information, CrowdStrike was the third-party outfit that the Democrats hired to forensically examine their server. And CrowdStrike is who said that it looked to them like Russia or Guccifer 2.0, some people pretending to be the Russians maybe did it.

And in this story — and it might have been in The Intercept, can’t say for sure, but it was in more than one, more than one story I read reported that the transfer speed of the data was such-and-such. If you’re gonna go in and hack data, what are you gonna do? You’re gonna find a way in to the host computer, and then you’re gonna find a way to transfer that data back to your server. And if you’re hacking, you’re going in via the internet, so your speeds, your transfer speeds are gonna be totally dependent on your router equipment and what kind of connection the Democrat National Committee server has.

Was it fiber? Was it gigabit Ethernet? Was it DLS? We don’t know. But regardless, the maximum transfer speeds can be easily calculated. Well, the transfer speeds that were reported by CrowdStrike are impossible over the internet. If you spend time Googling this and delving into this, you will stumble across this fact. The speed at which the data that was stolen from the server was transferred are speeds that are impossible over the internet.

There are not super-secret, literally wicked fast networks that super spies have that nobody else has that have speeds that approach what these are reported to be. The speeds that were reported, the speeds that CrowdStrike reported from data transfer is identical to the speed if you’re writing something to a DVD or a thumb drive over USB. You can copy massive amounts of data very fast over USB to either a DVD or a thumb drive. You can transfer a couple terabytes in not very long. But over the internet, it would take impossibly longer.

But the forensic data is there. The transfer speed data is there. And it simply is not possible over the internet. So what does this mean? It means it had to be an inside job, it had to be somebody with access to the hardware, to the server, to computers, it had to be somebody who could plug in a thumb drive or an optical drive with DVD or what have you, a CD, and write the data that way, because if it’s over the internet, the amount of data we’re talking about here — and we still don’t know specifically what was even hacked. They at first tried to tell us it was the Podesta emails. But they were not part of this hack.

The Podesta emails, which is all anybody knows that the Democrats had, came because Podesta screwed up and clicked on a bad link in an email he had received, a phishing attack that he fell for. And he gave outside players access to his computer, and that’s how they were able to get all of his emails that ended up at WikiLeaks and then in the public domain. But that was not part of the Democrat National Committee hack.

We still don’t know the data that was hacked from the DNC. They haven’t even told us that. They’ve just told us the Russians did it and that CrowdStrike proved it and that’s it. They’ve shown no evidence. This is again what Devin Nunes is demanding to see from the DOJ. He’s demanding to see a one- or two-page document, however long it is, that actually explains why this investigation began. We now know it’s not the Steele dossier because the investigation began long before that FISA application.

We know it’s not Papadopoulos blabbing to the Australian ambassador because we now know the investigation started months before Papadopoulos got drunk in the bar and started talking about his knowledge of the Clinton emails being in the possession of the Russians, which he didn’t know until the FBI spies told him.

So this investigation, the official investigation began long before anything they publicly said. The real thing began when they claimed their server was hacked. But we don’t know by who and we don’t know what they got, and that’s what Nunes wants. Somewhere in the DOJ is a document explaining what justifies this investigation, what eventually justified special counsel, what justified the FISA warrant application. What was it?

Nunes has been stonewalled for almost a year on this. He did not ask for the name of the spy. He did not seek to out anybody. They did that on their own. Which brings me to one final thing. Earlier we made the point that Nunes was actually targeted. When the DOJ invites him and Gowdy up last week to see some of this documentation, they didn’t show them anything.

But shortly after Gowdy and Nunes had their little meeting with DOJ, Rosenstein, then the New York Times and Washington Post stories ran. They were trying to peg the leak to the media of the FBI, the DOJ having a spy in the Trump campaign. They wanted to blame that leak on Nunes to discredit him and take him out of the investigation. It failed. You’re saying, “How do you know that? There hasn’t been anything about –”

Oh, yes. Do you remember the name Benjamin Wittes? Yes, you do. He’s Comey’s best friend at Columbia. Oh, wait, that may be Richmond. But Ben Wittes runs a legal website, Lawfare, Law View, Law U, whatever it is. And he had some tweets last weekend and over the weekend.

In his tweets he blamed Nunes for leaking this stuff to the New York Times and the Washington Post. There’s no question that he was setting this up. He was part of the plan to blame it on Nunes and essentially Trump. Ben Wittes basically tweeted that Devin Nunes is responsible for outing Stefan Halper. Wittes doesn’t know who the source is. He was just a useful tool tweeting this out.

Make no mistake they were trying to lay this off on Nunes. It would have been the leak of all leaks. If they could blame the House intelligence committee guy for leaking this kind of data and outing a spy, that’s what they were trying to do. It didn’t work.


RUSH: This is Ted in Lynchburg, Virginia. Ted, great to have you here.

CALLER: Hey, how you doing. Say, try this theory on for size.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: The dynamites in the bleached bit emails that Hillary ditched from her private server —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — the Obama and Clinton outfit was concerned that that server had gotten hacked and that the Russians had highly dangerous information on the both of them. Now, what would the Russians do with this information?

RUSH: Okay, wait. Stop, stop. I want to make sure I know what — you’re thinking that Obama and Hillary might think her server had been hacked by the Russians because it was unprotected, it was private, it was in her basement.

CALLER: That’s why she bleached it. That stuff is dynamite.

RUSH: Well, she BleachBitted it also to keep anybody from finding out what she had. She was trying to protect herself from having past classified documents.

CALLER: Of course. So she’s try to protect whatever information that’s in those. If the Russians did have it, they wouldn’t have told them, so if they put an ear in the Trump campaign, they might, A, number one gets a heads-up if the Russians were actually gonna try to pass any damaging information from her server into the campaign to be used in the election.

And number two, to set Trump up as a bad actor, in other words, the same old attack the messenger strategy that they always use. If the Russians use Trump to spill any of the damaging information that she BleachBitted and hoped nobody in the world would ever see, then they could attack Trump. I think the information that was in her server that was BleachBitted is why they went to the mat on this so soon because they had to make sure that that stuff didn’t get out.

RUSH: I’ve only got one problem with your theory. Your theory revolves or requires a belief that the Russians were easily able of infiltrating a campaign —

CALLER: No. No, no. That’s not it. The only —

RUSH: Well, hang on because I’ve got a break coming up in 10 seconds. Don’t try to squeeze it in. Let me take a break here and we’ll get right back to this in just a couple, three minutes here. Because I want to make sure I understand your premise before I render a reaction to it. So don’t go away out there, Ted. Hang on.


RUSH: Okay. Back to Ted in Lynchburg. Ted, set this up for me again.


RUSH: Because where I got confused is you seemed to justify the FBI spying on Trump.

CALLER: No. That’s not what I’m trying to do.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: No. 1, let’s assume that there is potentially extremely damaging material on Hillary Clinton’s private server. Comey testified that they determined that that server had been accessed by unauthorized individuals —

RUSH: True.

CALLER: — although I don’t remember any details.

RUSH: True.

CALLER: So let’s assume, to be on the safe side, Clinton and Obama figure, “We have to assume the worst, that the Russians got into my private server and that they have damaging material. One of the channels that the Russians might seek to use that material could theoretically be the Trump campaign.” If you get an ear in the Trump campaign, you might be able to get a heads-up as to whether that might be the channel that the Russians could use to disseminate damaging information that they got from her private server.

It achieves another successful point, too, from their point of view. By having the Trump campaign potentially compromised if it is used by the Russians — and even if it isn’t used by the Russians — they have a great story that they can use to attack Trump with. And that’s what they’ve done. So I’m suggesting that the root of this is whatever that information is on the private server that she panicked when she got that subpoena and she got the BleachBit out and she erased 30,000 emails. The information that’s in those emails is what the FBI was trying to protect Hillary against.

RUSH: Is what Obama —


RUSH: — was trying to protect Hillary…?


RUSH: Okay.


RUSH: So let me repeat it back to you and see if I understand it. Hillary Clinton’s server is compromised. Comey admits it. He has admitted a lot of things. We’re gonna assume that among the bad actors that got into her server were the Russians. The minute they find out this happened they go out and get BleachBit, a program; they try to wipe all of the contents of the server, after it’s been hacked. They still BleachBit it so that what they have to turn over to the FBI is innocuous and nothing and there’s no trouble there. But, meanwhile, under your theory, the Russians now have theoretically compromising data on Hillary Clinton from her server?

CALLER: They have to assume that, worst case. Yes.

RUSH: Okay, they would stop it. So the FBI, Hillary, Obama, they want to find out. So the best way to find out is put a spy in the Trump campaign to find out if the Russians tried to use any of that with the Trump people?

CALLER: It would be one of the potential channels the Russians could use to damage her.

RUSH: Why?

CALLER: That would be… I think it’s just protection. I think the Russians, if they did have damaging material, would hold it until after she was elected.

RUSH: I do, too, because they had already invested in her campaign. They expected her to win. They were trying to destroy her… Nobody thought she was gonna lose!

CALLER: That’s right. But, but they don’t want to take the risk that maybe some of it could come out and they wanted to have a heads-up if it came through the Trump campaign. They wanted to be able to discredit the messenger by yelling collusion.

RUSH: Okay. So your theory is not justifying. It explains why the Obama people would have somebody implanted in the Trump campaign to just keep an eye out for anything they knew would come from the Hillary server. And then they get a double whammy because if it happens, they can then blame Trump for being in collusion with the Russians, when Trump doesn’t know anything about it.

CALLER: Right. And if he gets elected, in the odd chance he gets elected, they can also flip this whole thing and use it as they have done with the whole Russia-collusion nonsense.

RUSH: Well, they clearly have tried that.

CALLER: But my point is that the impetus behind all of this is to find out and to cover up whatever those 30,000 emails… When Trump made that joke about maybe the Russians have ’em? They went ballistic!

RUSH: Yeah, but it was… I want to be precise here. Trump… Remember, everybody was whining that they couldn’t find 33,000 emails.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: So Trump jams ’em and is laughing at them and is saying, “Hey, Russia! Maybe you can find those 33,000…” And you’re right, they blew up. They lost their cookies. They didn’t see any humor in it, and they immediately turned that in to Trump asking the Russians to hack her.

CALLER: Right. Because they’re afraid that… I think there’s blackmail gold in those 30,000 emails that have been BleachBitted and they’re worried — they still are worried — that any of that stuff might come out.

RUSH: Because it incriminates them, not Trump.

CALLER: It incriminates them, yes.

RUSH: But in the process, if it surfaces, they get to blame Trump for being in collusion. And so that might explain when The Russian honey pot, Veselnitskaya, shows up to talk to Trump Jr., they might have legitimately thought, “Oh, my God. Here it comes. They got data from Hillary, and that’s what they’re gonna feed Trump Jr.”?


RUSH: Well —

CALLER: I think it accounts for… I think it’s a logical explanation because they didn’t think she was gonna lose but they had to have… They wanted to have this stuff pushed off past the election, too.

RUSH: The one thing that is missing in this — and I’m not rejecting your theory because I think your gambit clearly has potential. But the one thing missing in it is that these people were not hoping something happened. They set out to destroy Trump. Their purpose, before the election and since, has been to destroy him. They weren’t just sitting around waiting to see if something happened; they were trying to force things to happen, like planting with Papadopoulos the idea the Russians had the emails.

CALLER: Yeah. Kill two birds with one stone.

RUSH: Covering it from all angles.


RUSH: So to speak. All right. Well, Ted, that’s interesting. The thing that’s really, really interesting here is that the focus of their fear is what might have been stolen from Hillary’s server. Because, remember, Obama and everybody’s communicating with her on this server. And Obama has to be protected because Obama told everybody he didn’t know she was doing this until he read about it in the news. But the fact is he was sending classified data back and forth with her on this server, and he knew it was a private server in the bathroom in Chappaqua.

He knew, as did everybody else at the State Department. So much of this is about protecting Obama from getting caught lying about this as well and being culpable. It wasn’t just Hillary trafficking in classified data, it was everybody that she was working with. They all knew. Okay. So that the idea that the real focus of interest from all these clowns is Hillary’s server — for which she has been totally exonerated, by the way — is what they’re really interested in, not so much the DNC servers.


RUSH: And, by the way, just because Ted from Lynchburg, Virginia, I’m still… Folks, I’m not discounting the Awan brothers here as the hackers. They could have easily hacked Hillary’s server as well. They had access to the DNC gold. They had access to Democrat National Committee and Democrat Party computer gold.

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