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RUSH: Mueller has had a major, major embarrassment and faux pas, and this is so delicious. He indicts those Russian entities, the troll farms, the 13 different outfits in Ukraine and Russia. He indicts them for tampering in the election and trolling our internet with bots at Facebook and Twitter and so forth. Well, one of those firms, Concord Management, threw the biggest wrench into Mueller’s investigation yet, by showing up and hiring a lawyer and pleading not guilty.

The last thing these people were supposed to do was answer the summons! The only way this works is if the accused stay in Russia and don’t say anything. But one of these outfits said, “Wait a minute. We didn’t do this. We want our day in court.” They showed up. They have a lawyer or two hired, they have proclaimed their innocence, and they have demanded to see the evidence Mueller has, and he can’t produce it because he doesn’t have it!

And the lawyers for Concord Management are still demanding the evidence, and Mueller hasn’t yet turned it over because he doesn’t have it. What’s he gonna do? He can’t proceed with this because it’s a bogus charge. It was never expected to be answered. It was supposed to linger there as the proof, the evidence of Russia tampering in our elections. But these people have thrown this gigantic wrench by saying (paraphrasing), “Hey, we’re here, we answered your summons, and we’re pleading not guilty.”

And Mueller’s office then tried to say, “Well, you can’t do that because we didn’t yet properly serve you.” And the Concord Management lawyer said, “How do you mean you didn’t serve us? We’re here, doofus! We know you charged us, doofus! We’re here! Now, where’s the evidence?” Now, Mueller’s got a problem. If he abandons the indictment — oh ho — what else is he gonna do? Stonewall it? Delay it?

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