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RUSH: Big, big day. The embassy in Jerusalem officially opening today. You know, Donald Trump has run out of promises. He’s kept all his promises and now he’s having to keep promises other presidents have made, including Obama, like moving the embassy to Jerusalem. We have the hostage release in North Korea.

We got Kim Jong-un promising to denuke his country and to show everybody in a ceremony when it’s happening. We have the upcoming summit. We have trade negotiations redone, trade agreements renegotiated. We are pulling out of the Iran-Obama deal. We’ve pulled out of the Paris climate accords. We have a possible Middle East peace agreement. What has not been reported is that the Trump administration has a peace proposal for Israel and the Palestinians following the opening of the embassy today in Jerusalem when the time is right.

We have the economy roaring! We have tax cuts. The Democrats are puzzled why people aren’t angry at them. Record small-business profits. We have jobs for everyone.

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