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RUSH: Hey, Brian, you’re gonna love this one. I just got a note from a friend of mine, big New York Mets fan. The New York Mets… If you think things are screwed up in Washington, the New York Mets just batted out of order. (laughing) In the majors! They got a day game today after a night game — and of course, Major League Baseball players don’t go to bed after night games until about six in the morning. They had to go to bed and they batted out of order in the major leagues! I don’t know how you…

I mean, I’ve never heard of this in my — not on purpose! I mean, some managers have attempted to pull fast ones with pitching changes, but the straight just batting out of order because nobody’s paying attention to what’s going on, I’ve not heard of that in my life. But isn’t it typical it would happen to the Mets? Shortly after they trade the Dark Knight, Matt Harvey, send him off to Cincinnati. You know what the New York Post said about that? The worst punishment possible for Matt Harvey: What is there to do after midnight in Cincinnati? (laughing)

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