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RUSH: Today, a tale of five liberals bearing gifts.

In New York, gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon wants black people to be given state licenses to run marijuana farms. As “reparations.” The former “Sex in the City” star says that free pot-farm licenses will help make up for the incarceration of so many people of color.

In Maryland, Bradley Manning, now Chelsea Manning, is running for U.S. Senate. Chelsea wants to give everybody healthcare and “basic income.” And close all prisons, free all inmates, and eliminate national borders. Chelsea’s No. 1 issue: abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. And then to give everyone American citizenship!

Also in Maryland, Ben Jealous is running for governor. The former head of the NAALCP is promising to give everyone in the state free college tuition. They are gonna need security guards to get there alive.

Bernie Sanders, already running for President in 2020, is promising everybody a job. Guaranteed. Just demand one, and it’s yours, even if it’s in the government.

Cory Booker, another wannabe presidential contender, is also promising jobs for everybody in New Jersey. Well, that’s where he’s from.

In the end, these liberals are giving America the same “presents” liberals always give. Lies, false hope, and destruction, massive debt, no future, wrapped up in pretty words.

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