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RUSH: We’re gonna go to Erie, Pennsylvania. Curt, great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush. You opened up the show today asking the question: What could John Kerry and possibly Clinton and Obama have personally invested in this whole Iran deal? And then just before this commercial, you alluded to what I think is a big part of their concern, and that is that large pallet of untraceable cash that was totally unauthorized by anybody outside of the executive branch of the government. And I think that… You know, we’ve all heard the stories — most of them probably true — of all the money that’s been funneled into the Clinton Foundation and various other liberal causes, and I have no doubt that that was probably part of it.

RUSH: Well, get this. You’ve had reminded me of something. The Obama stimulus was essentially a Democrat Party money-laundering operation. Do you realize that not all of it has even been spent? That’s part of what the Trump administration wants to include in their rescission of $15 billion. Not spend $15 billion that has been authorized. Part of that money is coming from Obama’s stimulus. Anyway, as to your idea that some of this money is gonna end up coming back to people like Kerry?

I have no idea. It could be. Kerry doesn’t need any money. Especially he doesn’t need to be entrapped with any illegal money, ’cause his wife has more money than Kerry could a spend on ocean kites. And, as for Hillary, she’s not in this cabal, strangely enough. Obama? I don’t know. I don’t think this is the answer. I don’t blame you for thinking it. And I may be asking a question that is irrelevant. ‘Cause I’m just judging.

I’m looking at the reaction all these people are having, as though some major, major slight has occurred here that is really going to imperil the United States. They’re all acting like, “Of all the things Trump has done, this we can’t abide! This is the most irresponsible. This is the most…” And there’s not even a deal. The Iranians never signed anything. And there is this $150 billion that the Iranians were given, and a lot of it was unmarked cash flown on a U.S. airplane landing at the airport in Tehran.

It was on pallets, it was off-loaded, and it was said to be payments for the release of American hostages — a few, I think eight — that the Iranians were holding. But my point is theory acting like this is more than just a blemish on their resume. So it’s got me curious. What are they afraid of? Why are they so concerned with this thing? Maybe it is nothing more than a blemish on their resume. Remember, these people are totally devoted to the establishment and maintenance of reputations within their little cliques inside the establishment.

Anyway, Curt, I’m glad you called.

Another brief time-out. We’ll be back and continue before you know it.


RUSH: I want to remember one thing about this Iran deal. In talking about the Europeans — the French, the Brits, the Germans — and even Americans, the reason that they were all-in on this and all for it had nothing to do with nuclear weapons yes or no. It had nothing to do with anything other than sanctions were going to be dropped on Iran, which meant the Iranian market was opening up.

At the time, the Iranian national airline was in a decrepit state. Their airplanes, their aircraft were grounded; they had not very many that were airworthy. It was in a disastrous state. One of the reasons that Boeing signed on as a signatory to the deal was they wanted a shot at selling jets to Iran. That’s one of the reasons Iranians were given the $150 billion by Obama. They were tied to Obama’s donors.

Obama sends $150 billion to Iran, Iran, John Kerry admitted (summarized), “Some of the money’s gonna fund terrorism. We can’t deny that,” he said. “Yeah, we’re gonna be funding Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria. So, yeah, but, there’s gonna be good that’s done with this money.” Russia was gonna get repaid things the Iranians owed them, but they were gonna have to start investing in their own infrastructure because sanctions had killed them.

So the French and the U.K. were all-in on this because they had Airbus. Everybody wanted to sell the Iranians aircraft. Everybody wanted to sell the Iranians everything. And here’s $150 billion. Now, to you and me as Americans measured against our entire annual budget, that’s a drop in the bucket, but it’s big money to a country that’s had worldwide sanctions placed on them for many months prior. So it’s kind of a…

I mentioned the stimulus. You know, Obama comes up with a stimulus package here that everybody thinks is designed to rebuild the American infrastructure. It wasn’t. It was a way to get money actually back to the Democrat Party! I know you’re saying, “What?” You’re saying, “What? What do you mean?” It works this way. The Democrat Party cannot just walk across the street to the U.S. Treasury and write a check for cash for $1 trillion or for $900 billion. They just can’t. So what Obama did was come up with a stimulus bill.

Nobody was gonna deny his first major initiative as being inaugurated, first African-American president. It’s gonna save America; it’s gonna rebuild schools and roads and bridges and all this and everybody was just hot to trot. Everybody wanted to be seen helping the first African-American president. So it got signed like a hot knife through butter. But where did the money go? We came to find out that most of the money went to unions.

Some of it went to lay the groundwork for Obamacare exchanges, but even that money went to Democrat operatives. There was a recession. A lot of people were losing their jobs. A lot of the stimulus money went… In Wisconsin it went to the teachers unions, for example, and it kept them employed. Now, what happens with unions? Unions collect dues, and a percentage of the dues get sent back to the Democrat Party as campaign donations.

Quite a lot, in fact. And so what percentage of the $700 billion of the stimulus actually ended up back to the Democrat Party in the form of campaign contributions? It’s not an insignificant number. But I can tell you this: There weren’t any roads rebuilt. There weren’t any bridges rebuilt. There weren’t any new schools. Did you see any of that happen after the stimulus? You didn’t. So here we have this $150 billion.

Well, its purpose? We’re now treating Iran as an adult. We’re going remove sanctions. Iran is to be rewarded for pledging not to go nuclear here. This is how we’re being lied to here. This is what this thing is supposedly gonna accomplish. And part of the reward was that Iran was going to get, in addition to sanctions lifted, $150 billion. We were showing… Well, Obama was showing his good faith. We’re gonna reward you for your promise — wink, wink — not to build any missiles, weapons, warheads, what have you.

Lined up right after the sanctions were lifted and the $150 billion was delivered were a bunch of Obama donors who were then eager to find business in Iran. It had been a frozen market because of sanctions. They needed big-ticket stuff like airplanes, stuff for their domestic transportation. Look, it’s a backward place in many ways because so much of the money goes to fund criminal activity, terrorism.

So this was an infusion that Iran would never be able to generate on its own. And that’s why the Europeans were all-in, because the Iranian market was open to them. Now, none of this that I have just told you — I told you this when it was happening, too, but — none of this was ever explained to the American people as part of the deal. This was what was not explained. This is stuff you were not told. And this is why Ben Rhodes could not stop bragging to the New York Times how easy it was to lie to the media and the American people, how easy it was to parlay their ignorance.

So there is where we are. And remember, this entire scam ended up being a trial run in terms of using the intelligence community and a new alliance with the media to advance the Obama or Democrat Party agenda. They saw how successfully it worked in advancing the Iranian deal. So that the same strategies were used in implementing the so-called investigation into Donald Trump. All of these leaks from intelligence people every day for a year in every newspaper and cable news network. “Sources from the American intelligence community, former government officials” and so forth. It was Obama administration people lying to the media. The media accepting it without question and printing it.

It worked in Iran, and they think it worked here.


RUSH: One other little side note on the Iran deal. A story here from Reuters. This is from yesterday. This is after Trump pulled out. The headline: “Oil Soars, Dollar Roars as Trump Dumps Iran Nuclear Deal — Crude oil prices rose to 3-1/2-year highs on Wednesday following President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from a nuclear deal with Iran, while the dollar continued its tireless ascent and world stocks held steady.

“Trump’s move sparked worries about fresh tension the Middle East and uncertainty over global oil supply.” Whoa, whoa! Wait a minute here! What do you mean this is about oil? I thought it was the height of venality to worry about oil! In fact, wasn’t the most devastating charge in the Iraq war supposed to be that it was blood for oil? Even when George H. W. Bush decided to go in there and kick Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait, Gulf War 1, the left said, “You can’t have foreign policy because of oil. Oil is filthy. Oil is dirty. No blood for oil.”

It wasn’t worth losing American lives in order to maintain the free flow of oil at market prices, which is what the objective was. The free flow of oil at market prices. Saddam Hussein was interrupting it with his invasion of Kuwait, so we go in there, and the left is outraged. And now these same people are upset with Trump for somehow manipulating the oil price by getting out of the Iran deal?

So what was the Obama deal nukes for oil or something? Breitbart: “Trump Ended the Iran Nuke deal, Oil Prices Declined.” That’s good for consumers. They just can’t get their facts straight, and the AP: “Trump’s Pullout From Iran Deal Deepens U.S. Isolation.” So we’re more isolated? I don’t think so. I think the Saudis, Egyptians, many countries in the Middle East support this move and are part of a new alliance against Iran now.

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