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RUSH: Now, one of the things I predicted yesterday on this program… Grab audio sound bite No. 5. I’m changing the order. I made a prediction on this program yesterday, after Trump’s announcement he’s pulling out of the Iran deal, this what I said

RUSH ARCHIVE: I see where the left is gonna take this. The president’s decision. The left is going to say, “This is gonna make it just impossible to do a deal with the North Koreans. It’s gonna be impossible, because the ChiComs are part of the Iran deal, and we just unilaterally pull out? Well, how can we be trusted to not pull out of the next deal if this is the way the United States is gonna behave? It’s gonna be really, really hard to do a deal with North Korea.”

RUSH: Well, I was right. That’s exactly what they’re saying. Let me give you a little evidence of that just to show. We have Pencil Neck Schiff last night with Wolf Blitzer on CNN. The question: “President Trump’s eager to strike a deal with the [Norks] over its nuclear program. How do you think Kim Jong-un is interpreting today’s announcement by the president getting out of the Iran deal?

SCHIFF: I think, in a way, this also, uh, strengthens Kim Jong-un’s hand. Uh, should there be dispute later on about whether North Korea is complying — and we have seen North Korea cheat in the future [sic] — uh, will the U.S. have credibility, given its track record on the Iran deal? So —

RUSH: Go to the next one, audio sound bite No. 7, Jeff Flake, also on CNN with Jake Tapper. Question: “You’re surely not surprised that he’s doing what he said he would do, his campaign promise, pull out of the Iran deal?”

FLAKE: It’s not, uh, good for the country at this point. Given where we are with negotiations now — uh, especially with North Korea — our allies and our adversaries need to know that we are reliable, and, uh, I think that, uh, that’s missing right now.

RUSH: These people are so out of it! It is an question of being reliable. It’s a question of America’s national interests being preserved and sponsored. Anyway, was I right or was I right? They’re very worried now that this is going to weaken our position with the Norks because we’re not reliable. Somebody explain to me how it is that the secretary of state, Pompeo, ended up in North Korea and is returning with three American hostages that were released after we pulled out of the Iran deal?

Would somebody explain to me how this has weakened our position? If our position had been weakened by pulling out of the Iran deal, then the pot-bellied little dictator, Kim Jong-un, would have told Pompeo, “Sorry, you’re going home empty-handed. We don’t think you’re reliable anymore. We don’t think you’re trustworthy.” Is this not a joke? A bunch of communist pinkos telling us we’re not reliable, and that’s what Flake and Pencil Neck actually believe?

That means that Kim Jong-un would have said to Pompeo, “Sorry. You know what? We are deeply offended. You pulled out of the Iran deal, and now we’re not gonna release your hostages — and we may even cancel our negotiations with you!” That’s what would have happened if these clowns were right. But they aren’t right. They haven’t been right for who knows how long.

It’s a classic example of inside-the-Beltway conventional wisdom. They all say the same thing. It didn’t matter where you turned the TV on last night. “This is very bad. We’ve just damaged our credibility. We have damaged our reliability. We have damaged our trustworthiness. It’s gonna be very difficult to make another deal. Our European allies are going to be very, very concerned now.”

European allies. Our European allies wouldn’t be alive to be our allies if it weren’t for us — and if they are attacked down the road, it is us who will come to their defense yet again, which they know. All that’s happened here is that the global world order crowd, which counts the Washington establishment as members, has just been told to go pound sand.

And a common sense decision to not pay for and permit the world’s state sponsor of terrorism to get a nuclear weapon has just been asserted. And somehow that doesn’t make any sense. Keeping nuclear weapons out of the world’s state sponsor of terrorism, making sure that nation does not get nuclear weapons — at least that we don’t help them — that’s somehow dangerous? That’s somehow destabilizing? It’s the exact opposite.

The United States is once again reasserting itself as the moral authority, the beacon of freedom and liberty — and we’re not going to take a backseat to anybody because we don’t anymore harbor any guilt over our existence. And we don’t feel like we have to apologize to anybody else around the world for what we have become, because we are good, and we are decent. We are the good guys. It’s that simple.

That’s what has happened here. This used to be the standard order of the day in this country. This used to be the thing that united all of us. This used to be the element of our existence that formed a common bond, that all Americans had. Whether they were Democrats, Republicans, Independents, communists, pinkos, whatever, there was something that united us. America was great; we were all on the same team.

That hasn’t been the case for decades now with the ascension of the radical left in the Democrat Party and throughout countless American institutions. We are not breaking our word. We have not broken a promise, the United States did not make a promise to Iran. The United States did not make a promise to the world; Barack Obama did. And it was a promise that he could not keep because Barack Obama did not use the tools of the Constitution in order to have this arrangement with Iran ratified.

Do you know why he didn’t? I repeat again: He never had the votes in the Senate for ratification. Hillary Clinton tweeted — and again, I really think anything written by this woman after 9 p.m. should come with a breathalyzer reading — “Pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal is a big mistake. It makes America less safe and less trusted.

“Iran is now more dangerous. What’s Plan B? Anyone who thinks bombing is the answer is woeful misinformed.” No, Mrs. Clinton, the big mistake was short-circuiting the treaty process. Obama’s deal — which Israel kind of proved here — was total BS, and it made us less safe. It made the world less safe. It is Iran that is less trusted, Mrs. Clinton, not the United States!

You know, people in this country, Mrs. Clinton, are tired of people like you and President Clinton thinking that we have everything in the world to apologize for, that we’re the problem in the world. Our people do not think this. And it grew very tiresome, it grew very old to continue to listen to people like you running around the world apologizing for whatever grievances you think the United States had visited on people of the world.


RUSH: Here is Savannah Guthrie on the Today show today.

All the smart people — all the smart people — are saying pulling out of the Iran deal would ruin things in North Korea. Everybody’s saying, “This is gonna kill any chance we have of deal with the North Koreans because this is showing we’re not reliable. What country would ever enter into another deal with us, if we can’t be counted on to stay in it?” And yet, North Korea releases three American hostages after we pull out of the nuke deal.

See, these people have it the exact opposite. The North Koreans are scared. Kim Jong-un is scared. He wasn’t scared of Obama and he wasn’t scared of Madeleine Albright and he wasn’t scared of Bill Clinton — his dad wasn’t — and he wasn’t scared of George W. Bush. They weren’t scared of the Washington establishment. The Washington establishment let them exist! And engaged in a bunch of diplomacy that never accomplished anything.

This guy is scared of Donald Trump. And one of the reasons why is that the ChiComs also have a good relationship with Trump, and the North Koreans depend on the ChiComs. The North Koreans have learned — and this is very important — the North Koreans have had it demonstrated that the ChiComs are not gonna throw their relationship with the United States overboard to stay solid with the Norks.

If anybody’s gonna get thrown overboard, it’s the Norks, and Kim Jong-un knows it, and that’s why… By the way, has anybody stopped to think this is two trips to North Korea Pompeo’s made, nobody heard about it, no leaks. How has that happened? In the leakiest administration in history, how does this happen? I have a theory. I’ll get to that in just a moment. Here is Savannah Guthrie announcing the release.

ANNOUNCER: (dramatic music) This is NBC News special report. Here’s Savannah Guthrie.

SAVANNAH: And good morning. We come on the air with breaking news. The president has announced that three American detainees held for years in North Korea have been released and are on their way home at this hour. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo is bringing them home. The secretary of state had a meeting with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un in anticipation of a summit that is coming up between the two leaders.

RUSH: Ho-hum! Yeah, a couple Americans have been released, coming home with the secretary of state. Can…? If this has happened with Obama, can you imagine the difference, the fanfare, the coverage, the never-ending panel discussions, the explanations of greatness. Bottom line: They’re not happy, folks. This is not… Trump was not supposed to be able to accomplish any of this that he has accomplished, especially this. I mean, the best minds in the world have gone up against North Koreans and gotten nowhere and here comes Trump who is a basic idiot in their minds?

See how it’s playing out for them?

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