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RUSH: We have four proud, progressive, feminist, leftist women who have gone public. Two of them have gone public; two remain anonymous. Four proud, progressive, feminist women are going public with the news that the New York state attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, beat them up.

He choked them, slapped them. Either in bed or out. Clothes on, clothes off. The story comes from Ronan Farrow again — who wrote the decisive piece on Harvey Weinstein — and Jane Mayer of the New Yorker. And it’s really strange that Jane Mayer did this. Jane Mayer does not attack left-wing anything. Jane Mayer does not go after liberal, left-wing anything. But in this case, the long knives are out for Eric Schneiderman.

I read this in-depth story that Ronan Farrow wrote. You know, people have commented, “It’s really strange Ronan Farrow… Of all things that Ronan Farrow should zero in on is the odd sexual behavior on the part of men?” Folks, what’s so odd about it? Look where he grew up. He grew up Woody Allen’s house! This is actually a calling. I think the young man has discovered what he was born to do.

At any rate, if you read the whole story, you’ll find that two of these women who finally went public against Eric Schneiderman were counseled by other proud, progressive, feminist women in New York not to say anything. Let it go! Because Schneiderman is too important in getting Trump. So women were advising these women to bite the bullet, so to speak, to stay silent, to don’t do anything that would jeopardize Schneiderman because he’s so important in getting Donald Trump.

Little Brian Stelter over at CNN is telling the CNN audience not to worry, that (laughing) the New York attorney general’s office will not be deterred in its effort to get Trump, (laughing) that it doesn’t matter whether Schneiderman is there or not. (interruption) He did. Let me grab the sound bite. I have it here for you. Sound bite No. 6 is Little Brian Stelter at CNN last night on CNN Tonight.

STELTER: Four women accusing this man of physical abuse. Uh, his response is that it was always consensual sex, but this is not just about sex. These allegations are about abuse. They are about violence that actually led to some of these women going to the hospital. Bottom line: Three hours after the story hits, he resigns. I’m told the work of the office — the AG’s office — will continue. That’s an important point to keep in mind. The lawsuits, the work against Trump, all that continues.

RUSH: So don’t be worried about it if you’re a CNN viewer. Don’t worry about what is happening to Schneiderman here. The work of getting Trump will continue. CNN has assured their audience last night. Even though two of these women say that their friends — proud, progressive feminist women — were urging them not to take action, not to say anything, not to participate in the story because they didn’t want any harm to come to Eric Schneiderman because he was so important to getting Trump.

Now, folks, I have to make this observation. I know there are a few, very few exceptions — and this goes beyond hypocrisy. This is a cultural thing to me. For my entire lifetime… Well, since the dawn of the modern era of feminism, which I trace to 1969-1970. There have been stages of feminism. It obviously predates that. But the modern era of feminism that we are all dealing with — where it began to impact in high school, that age — is traced back to the late sixties.

And for that entire time — since then to now — we have been told that, in general, men are predators and they are brutes and that they are dangerous to children. They are not to be trusted. They are exclusionary, and they’re sexists, and they are chauvinists. And as time evolved, these allegations were generally believed to be about men who were not Democrats. Democrat men were supposedly enlightened. They had become enlightened and sensitive and aware, and they understood feminism.

And they all became proudly, loudly pro-choice. These Democrat men said whatever it took in order to get their way with liberal Democrat women while at the same time slandering and libeling conservative and Republican men with no evidence, just on the basis of their ideology. Just on the basis they were conservative or Christian or Republican, they were the bad examples of men. And isn’t it interesting? I mean, this is inescapable. You cannot avoid this conclusion.

When you look at all of the men since the Weinstein outing, Harvey Weinstein… If you look at all of the men who have been identified and outed as not just men who engage in sexual harassment, but literal sex abuse, violent sexual abuse. If you look that list, its predominantly white, Democrat leftists. And those men, I maintain to you, got away with this for so long simply because they had the right publicly expressed view on abortion. It counted for everything with leftist, feminist women.

Now, as an expert on men (because I am one), I can tell you that men, in pursuit of women, will do whatever they think they have to do to round the bases, to avoid not stopping on second base or third base but to hit the home run. They will do whatever. They’ll go to museums when the last place they want to be is a museum. They’ll go shopping for greeting cards. They’ll do whatever it takes — including proclaim loudly that they are pro-choice.

They are phony, and they have gotten away with it. I’m just stunned at the number of perps here who actually are highly acclaimed, supposedly greatly achieved and accomplished left-wing uber-leftists. The list is too long to mention here. But all of the big names (with Schneiderman being the most recent) are uber-leftists, and you have to look long and hard to find similar behavior by a so-called conservative. There’s some.

I mean, there are a couple that come to mind right off the bat, but it’s no contest here. You look these four, proud, progressive, feminist women. This behavior with Schneiderman went on for years, and they continued to subject themselves to it for whatever reason. This is one of the great mysteries of life. They continue to subject themselves to it largely because, according to what they say, they were scared. They were afraid to do anything about it, that he was threatening them, that he threatened them with being followed.

He threatened to tap their phone lines. He threatened to reveal whatever secrets they had. The guy was a genuine… If these stories are accurate, he was an aggressive, flat-out mean-spirited, raging chauvinist. And yet publicly look what he got away with. He got away with being acknowledged as the No. 1 champion of women in the pursuit of Donald Trump. He got away with some of the greatest accolades women bestow on men, and yet many of the women knew all along that he was this kind of guy.

And while they are extolling the virtues of Eric Schneiderman, and while they’re claiming he’s great and he’s gonna get Trump and he’s the guy to defend women and the cause of women, these women — knowing full well who he is — are out there attacking Trump and any other conservative Republican men they can find, doing their best to destroy their reputations. It’s more than just hypocrisy. It’s why I say this is cultural. Because the left would have you believe that every member of its movement, every practitioner is clean and pure as the wind-driven snow.

That left-wing, liberal men are the perfectly sensitive and understanding pro-feminist men. They are the models, and it’s these Neanderthals on the right — it’s these judgmental, restrictive Christians, Christian men on the right — that are the real brutes in society, that want to deny women their freedom, that want to deny women their rights. And yet every time we get one of these stories, the perp is an accomplished, highly achieved, and highly lauded uber-left-wing radical. What explains this? It’s more than just hypocrisy.

Why do so many leftist women subordinate themselves to this kind of treatment and behavior? The answer is because these are the guys that are gonna go get their enemies, their political enemies. Schneiderman had to be protected up until he couldn’t be protected any longer. He had to be protected because he was instrumental in the resistance. He was instrumental in getting Donald Trump. By the way, does this story not kind of make Stormy Daniels’ little story pale by comparison here?

I mean, Stormy can’t get straight whether they had a night of pleasure (ahem) or not. But there clearly has never been any allegation of Schneiderman-type treatment involving Trump. Next thing you know we’re gonna find out that Schneiderman has hired prostitutes to pee on beds of these women that made him mad. Wouldn’t it be great if the special counsel unearthed that?


RUSH: Here is Schneiderman January 21st, 2018, New York City at the Women’s March on New York…

SCHNEIDERMAN: I’m attorney general Eric Schneiderman, and I am your lawyer. We are no longer just the resistance. We are no longer here just in opposition to something. We are here to commit ourselves to fighting for justice and equality and freedom and making sure our government delivers on those promises!

FOLLOWERS: (smattering of applause)

SCHNEIDERMAN: A woman who cannot control her body is not truly free.

FOLLOWERS: (cheers)

SCHNEIDERMAN: Are we ready to fight against male supremacy in all its forms?

FOLLOWERS: (wild screeching)

RUSH: What a freaking hypocrite! “A woman who cannot control her own body is not truly free.” This is exactly what I mean. You’ve got these kind of guys out there saying this rigmarole that they don’t really believe, and they certainly don’t put it in practice, all to make sure they can get past first base. In his case, politically, to get support of all these women. But he doesn’t care about it. Obviously, this guy doesn’t respect women, and he hasn’t shown them any.

He did have one woman vouch for him, his ex-wife, Jennifer something or other. Outside of that, they couldn’t find any character witnesses. “A woman who cannot control…” Weinstein said the same stuff! Weinstein’s out there saying the same stuff. Mark Halperin was out there saying the same stuff. All these guys out were there saying the same thing, and they were saying it just for left-wing women to hear it. That’s what’s always made them phonies to me. They’ve always been phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ rollers.

Opportunists, you name it. “And then are we ready to fight against male supremacy?” “Yay!” Look what these people are doing, actually engaging in divisive politics, trying to capitalize on dividing people — while telling us that they’re great unifiers. Now we go backwards to November 8, 2017, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. This is a so-called comedy show on TBS, and she interviewed the New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Here is a portion of that segment of the show.

BEE: There is hope on the horizon. A hero who’s stood up to democracy’s nemesis before! (Gasp!) Look up in the sky. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s —

SCHNEIDERMAN: I’m Eric Schneiderman —

AUDIENCE: (weak laughs)

SCHNEIDERMAN: — and I’m the attorney general of the state of the New York.

BEE: What a great time to be an attorney! (gagging)

SCHNEIDERMAN: Yeah. It’s like a toxic volcano that just keeps belchin’ out bad public policies, but we have a very strong legal resistance.

BEE: Are you gonna lead us out of the darkness?

SCHNEIDERMAN: State attorneys general are gonna be the first line of defense because the Constitution kept a lot of power at the state level to hold a potential tyrant in check. We have that power now, and with great power comes great responsibility.

RUSH: I mean, it’s obvious what this is. You know, she’s got Schneiderman on tape, and she’s acting like this silly little schoolgirl. “There’s hope on the horizon. A hero who stood up to democracy’s nemesis! Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…” and then she plays tape. “I’m Eric Schneiderman, and I’m attorney general!” What are these people thinking today? All of this time and all of their reputations spent and invested in building this guy up as Mr. Integrity, Mr. Honor, Mr. Great Reputation — the guy that’s gonna take down “democracy’s nemesis,” Donald Trump. The segment continued. Here’s how it sounded.

BEE: Oh, my God! He’s —

CHORUS: (singing Spider-Man theme) Schneiderman! Schneiderman! Does whatever a Schneider can. Only he can save us all.


AUDIENCE: (weak laughs)

SCHNEIDERMAN: Uh, it is not gonna be one hero. There’s not gonna be a quick fix for this. But I got colleagues, uh all around the country — uh, a network of progressive attorneys general — who are really in the corps of the legal resistance.

RUSH: Right. So she’s trying to make him out to be Superman, super lawyer, super AG, super anti-Trump. Oh, my God! “Oh, my God! Schneiderman! Schneiderman!” People are nuts.


RUSH: Ready for this? Washington Post, Axios, CNN, NBC News, Los Angeles Times, Politico. Not a single one of these news outlets mentioned Eric Schneiderman’s party affiliation in their breaking news alerts of this last night. Not one of them mentioned that he’s a Democrat! Not one of them, folks.

To the phones we go. Lucy in McKinney, Texas. Great to have you on the program. How are you doing?

CALLER: I’m doing great. Hi, Rush! Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, ma’am.

CALLER: I just wanted to make an observation. The left has had a recent divisive strategy that they’ve been employing, this whole concept of “white privilege.” And really, I thought about this. You know, of course they’re doing that to create all kinds of havoc and issues. But really, they’ve done it to hide their own liberal privilege. So when I was thinking it, it’s liberal privilege they have, and that’s what really kind of is the —

RUSH: You know, that’s an interesting observation. White privilege has become a course — an actual accredited course — at countless institutions of so-called higher learning. White privilege. Whites are taking this course to learn how they have been guilty of white privilege and how white privilege infects and pollutes America and has for years. “White privilege” is simply another name for racism, and it is an attempt to laden guilt on white people for being white and thus racist — and it’s designed to get ’em to shut the hell up and support progressive movements and causes.

Now, you’re saying that what actually is going out there is something called “liberal privilege.”

And I can’t deny this.

Eric Schneiderman was a beneficiary of liberal privilege. Liberal privilege is that which grants you permission to be a gigantic hypocrite. It allows you to condemn the abuse of women while engaging in it yourself. It allows you to profit politically and personally from adopting pro-choice political positions when you really don’t have to and may not even really believe it. Liberal privilege, I think, exists — and it is widespread throughout the progressive culture. And it essentially allows you to behave in ways totally not progressive and get away with it simply because you say you’re a left-winger and that you hate Trump or conservatives or what have you.

It’s a good point.

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