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RUSH: According to the Wall Street Journal, the Mueller “collusion” investigation might have to “go dark” before the 2018 midterms. Justice Department guidelines require prosecutors to avoid the appearance of trying to sway elections.

You’re kidding?

The Justice Department also has regulations requiring evidence of a crime before a special prosecutor is appointed. By that standard, the Mueller investigation shouldn’t even be in business!

And remember Ted Stevens, the late Republican Senator from Alaska? He’s got to be rolling over in his grave. Close to the 2008 elections, the DOJ brought charges against him for supposedly making false statements to investigators. He was found guilty. It wasn’t until after he lost his election, that prosecutors admitting hiding crucial evidence from his defense team. Evidence that completely exonerated Stevens. A year later, his conviction was set aside due to DOJ misconduct. Too late! His career was over.

The Wall Street Journal should face facts. The whole reason the Mueller investigation was set up in the first place was to “sway” an election! To undo it! I’m talking about the election of Trump.

So, yes, the Mueller probe should go dark! Immediately and forever! But there’s no way its gonna.

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