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RUSH: Like most other Democrat-run cities, Seattle has housing problems. Prices are out of reach, for both renters and buyers, and there is a big homeless problem. They’re everywhere.

So, Seattle’s City Council has come up with an idea. They are proposing a new tax. The tax would “only” affect the largest businesses in the city. Supposedly.

On top of what they’re already paying, these companies would be taxed another $500 per employee. The revenue would be used to “fix” the housing crisis. Supposedly. Except it won’t, because they can’t. Seattle’s existence demonstrates they can’t and don’t know what they’re doing.

This plan was moving full-steam ahead until Amazon announced it is immediately stopping construction on the new facility they’re building downtown, which puts 7,000 new jobs at risk.

Amazon’s decision caused panic to erupt in Seattle’s liberal corridors of power. The mayor is alarmed. She says that she’s talking to business and labor leaders, anybody she has to, in order to find “common ground.”

But remember. Seattle just saw a bunch of jobs disappear when they imposed a so-called “living wage” on businesses. It closed a bunch of restaurants, yet here they are again.

Liberals never learn. There is no “common ground” to be found with these people. Jeff Bezos, hold your ground, buddy.

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