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RUSH: Back on April 19th the California Highway Patrol arrested a homeless guy after a break-in. The homeless guy broke into, and then broke out of, the governor’s Mansion in Sacramento.

The guy’s name is Steven Seeley and he now lives at the Sacramento County Jail. He told reporters he decided to illegally enter Governor Jerry Brown’s residence because the governor is an open-door-policy kind of guy. Seeley says he figured the door would be unlocked and he was right. So he just walked in.

Once inside, the homeless guy didn’t see the security staff, but he heard an animal growl, so he hid in the closet. After hearing the growl again, he jumped out a window and ran and he cut his arm in the process.

The highway patrol nabbed the homeless guy, got his arm treated at the hospital, and threw him in jail.

The governor wasn’t home, but his wife was. But she didn’t come in contact with the homeless guy, who (you may have guessed) has some mental and substance-abuse issues.

Despite that, Mr. Seeley was sane enough to prove his point. Governor Brown really is an open borders kind of guy. He doesn’t care, it seems.

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