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May 2, 2018


“Mueller is so far beyond his executive authority right now that Mueller and his team are the ones that need to be investigated — and if there are subpoenas, Professor Dershowitz is predicting a major constitutional crisis.”

“I don’t know what kind of people journalism schools are turning out, but they’re not turning out people able to think. They’re turning out cookie cutter, groupthink people who have a definition of journalism that is so far away from what it really is, it’s just astounding.”

“No matter where you go in the media, we are finding abject stupidity or ignorance combined with incompetence. And it matters. It matters greatly.”

AP: Special Counsel Team Has Floated Idea of Subpoena for Trump
FOXNews: Trump Rips Mueller Probe for ‘Setup & Trap’ After Subpoena Warning Revealed
NewsBusters: CNN Hosts Porn Star’s Lawyer Michael Avenatti 59 Times in Less Than Two Months
TMZ: Kanye West Stirs Up TMZ Newsroom Over Trump, Slavery, Free Thought
USAToday: Will.i.am, Jimmy Kimmel, More React to Kanye West’s ‘Ignorant’ Comments About Slavery
Fortune: Hawaii Will Likely Become the First State to Ban Certain Sunscreens
CNBC: Apple Proved That It Is No Longer Just an iPhone Company
Tablet Magazine: Are NBC and CNN Paying Off Top Spies Who Leaked Info With On-Air Jobs? – Lee Smith
National Review: Comey Confirms: In Clinton Emails Caper, the Fix Was In – Andrew McCarthy
Federalist: It’s Time For The Right To Realize The Left Is A Much Greater Threat Than Trumpism – John Ericsson
PageSix: Third Woman Accuses Tom Brokaw of Sexual Harassment
National Review: Mueller’s Questions for Trump Show the Folly of Special-Counsel Appointments – Andrew McCarthy
UKDM:’God Damn You to Hell!’: Former Trump Campaign Consultant Explodes at Democratic Senate Aides After He Loses His House to Legal Fees in ‘Witch Hunt’ Congressional Russia Probe
CNBC: Trump Loses Another Lawyer — Ty Cobb Leaving, Reportedly Being Replaced by Clinton Impeachment Attorney Emmet Flood
Newsweek: Michelle Wolf Criticizes Sarah Sanders for Not Laughing at Jokes Like Obama Did
Daily Wire: Kanye Tries To Explain His Remarks About Slavery Being ‘A Choice’
Bloomberg: Apple Beats Sales Estimates; Shares Rise – Mark Gurman


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