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RUSH: There is a new survey by the Pew Research Center. It says most Americans still believe in God, but not as many Millennials do.

Only 43% of Millennials say they believe in the God of the Bible. Only 17% of them regularly attend church. Almost two-thirds of Americans over 50 believe in the biblical God. And 52% of them attend church services regularly.

In addition to this age divide, when it comes to belief in God there is also a political and racial divide. White Republicans and non-white Democrats are far more likely to believe in God than the white liberal Democrats who run the Democrat party. I should say, “who are running the Democrat party into the ground.”

The bottom line is that an overwhelming number of young adults in America have been raised to be godless. And white liberal Democrats, for the most part, are still godless.

If you’ve tried to figure out the root cause of hopelessness, despair, anger, and intolerance coming from Millennials and top Democrats, you might have just found the answer. Absence of God in their lives. Don’t doubt me.

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