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RUSH: Rasmussen Reports Trump’s approval rating is down a couple points, margin of error, 51-49. But there’s another area of the Rasmussen Report. I haven’t talked about this yet ’cause, frankly, I must confess I thought, “This is one of these things that nobody is gonna even take seriously.” So I didn’t mention it. Crazy Bernie is resetting his table to seek the presidency/Democrat nomination in 2020. One of the ideas that Bernie Sanders has put forth is a guaranteed federal job and health care.

Bernie Sanders is essentially saying his administration will guarantee full employment. Everybody will have a job, and those that somehow do not get a job in the private sector will be hired by government. However many it is, whatever work is or is not to be done, doesn’t matter. The federal government essentially pay people what they would be paid if they were working and they would be provided health care. So Rasmussen decided to poll this, and this is shocking.

Forty-six percent in the Rasmussen poll say they support this idea! Forty-six percent favor government-guaranteed jobs for everybody. I don’t have the specific question here, but it seems contradictory with the election results in 2016. Trump did not run as a socialist, and Hillary Clinton did. I know she lost the Electoral College, but it was still by a fairly sizable amount. She won the popular vote on the strength of her performance in California.

But that is shocking, that 46% support everybody being paid to work by the government and everybody getting health care. I have to remind myself, “Don’t be surprised. Santa Claus every day is much better than Santa Claus one day a year, and it’s really tough to beat Santa Claus.” Forty-six percent. It just shows you… If the poll result is accurate, it just shows you what we are up against terms of the education of the public, where we are culturally, people’s understanding of the founding and Western civilization.

It’s a shocking number. Have to say so. Have to put it out there.

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