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Apr 27, 2018


“The express purpose of the special counsel investigation is to get rid of Donald Trump. It has been the purpose of it since it began. It’s been the purpose of every opposition element from the media, the Democrat Party, and leftist activists since Trump won the election.”

“The Steele dossier: Not a single charge, not a single morsel, not a single bit of any of this so-called intelligence in any of the 36 pages has been corroborated. Not a single element of it has been verified.”

“I have been chomping at the bit to get here. I’ve been chomping at the bit. I almost called some TV shows and said, ‘You want me on? I gotta weigh in on this.’ I’m talking about the Comey interview with Bret Baier last night.”

“The powerful people in the Washington establishment have set it up so they don’t have to pay attention to the law while they go after other people who haven’t broken the law. Do I sound mad? Damn right, I’m mad!”

FOXNews: James Comey on Clinton Probe, Russia Investigation – Bret Baier
Federalist: Watch Fox News’s Bret Baier Nail James Comey On Live TV
FOXNews: Trump Slams Comey’s ‘Leak’ Denial: ‘Very Sick or Very Dumb’
NewsBusters: Tour De Force: FNC’s Baier Grills Comey Over Dossier, E-Mail, Leaks in Epic Interview
Washington Free Beacon: Fusion GPS and the Washington Free Beacon. A Note to Our Readers
IBD: Memo: FBI Used Tainted Steele Dossier, Paid For By Hillary Clinton, As Reason To Spy On Trump
Wall Street Journal: How Trump Takes On Obstruction. Focus on the Threat to the Powers of the Presidency, Not the President Personally – Kimberley Strassel
FOXNews: Kimberley Strassel: Two Big Things Trump Could do to Reset the Russia Debate
National Review: The Contrasting Ronny Jackson Tales Don’t Add Up
Washington Examiner: Secret Service Has No Record of Alleged Ronny Jackson Episode with Obama in 2015
Reuters: With Hug and Handshakes, North Korea’s Smiling Kim Lightens Summit Mood
CNN: South Korea Credits Trump for Opening Door to Talks With North
South China Morning Post: North Korea’s Nuclear Test Site Has Collapsed and That May Be Why Kim Jong-un Suspended Tests
Washington Post: North Korea’s Mountain Mystery: Is Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site Still Functional?
Washington Free Beacon: Mattis on Russian Mercenaries in Syria: I Ordered Their Annihilation
Federalist: Declassified Congressional Report: James Clapper Lied About Dossier Leaks To CNN
The Hill: Trump: Russia probe ‘MUST END NOW!’
AP: GOP-led House panel clears Trump campaign in Russia probe
Mercury News: Amid Allegations Against Lauer and Brokaw, NBC Faces Doubts on Harassment Reforms
Mediaite: Fox News’ Shannon Bream: I’ve Heard Of Other Allegations Against Tom Brokaw
CBS: “My Fault Yo”: Chance the Rapper Apologizes for Defending Kanye West on Trump


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