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RUSH: In New York City last week, a Manhattan Supreme Court judge ruled on a case brought by a Philadelphia tourist.

The tourist had walked into a West Village bar, “The Happiest Hour.“ But the bar staff wasn’t happy with what he was wearing: his “Make America Great Again” hat.

So they kicked the guy out. They said anybody who supports Trump wasn’t welcome in the “The Happiest Hour” bar.

The judge sided with the bigots. His verdict: The bar had every right to refuse to serve the Trump supporter. His political speech was not protected. His race would have been, his religion would have been. But not his politics.

This goes to a point I’ve been discussing on my show. We’ve got a two-tier justice system in this country. One tier requires us to bake their cakes. The other tier supports their throwing us out of bars.

How does this get fixed? If the U.S. justice system won’t, who will tell this bar, “If you’re serving the public, you can’t refuse to serve people you disagree with politically”?

By the same token, while Trump is under a ridiculous partisan investigation, who will investigate James Comey? Who’s going to investigate McCabe, Hillary, and Mueller?

Mark these words. A day of reckoning is coming for this two-tier justice system; it’s not going to be pretty!

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