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RUSH: I think it was — let’s see — this is April, March. It was about 14 and a half, maybe 15 months ago, and I was appearing on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. And he asked me a question about something, and my answer was, “Before I get into that, Chris, I just want to tell you, this whole idea that the Russians had anything to do with the outcome of the presidential election is absurd. The idea that they colluded or tampered or worked with Donald Trump to do it is doubly absurd. There is nothing to it.”

And I remember telling him, “I’m astounded, I’m astounded that there isn’t one voice inside Washington that wants to even challenge this concept.” Somebody says it, they all run with it, and I said it’s stunning the groupthink on this. That was 15 months ago, and from that time on to the present, I have been consistent. I have never believed that the Russians had anything to do with the outcome of our election, this one or any previous election.

And I don’t believe the Russians will have anything to do with the outcome of the next election in November and in 2020, particularly presidential elections. They are too massive, too big. Even Barack Hussein O said the same thing.

Greetings, my friends. Great to have you. Rush Limbaugh kicking off big, brand-new week broadcast excellence. 800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program.

For a year and a half, we have been subjected to a — I don’t know what the word is — sham, scam, hoax. Whatever it is, there have been a lot of conspirators, and they have been eagerly conspiring knowingly together. The conspirators include 99% of the American Drive-By Media. Several people involved in the intelligence apparatus of the United States in the CIA, the DIA, the NSA, take your pick.

We’ve had Democrat members of Congress, Democrat members of the Senate, we have had several Never Trumpers on the Republican, slash, conservative side. We’ve had several conservative bloggers who’ve all believed it or wanted it to be true and treated it as though, “Well, it could be. We don’t have a choice. We’ve gotta cover this as though it did happen. In case it did, we can say we were on the right side of it all along.”

And during this entire 15 month period the number of people actually employing common sense, with everything known about this, with all of the trumped up information that we would eventually learn, such as Hillary Clinton buying the dossier that was used for all of this, there still was nobody willing to back off of it. Of course, Mueller wasn’t going to back off of it.

It is the most amazing thing. Last week on this program, the middle of last week, toward the end of last week, I told you — I remember the phraseology that I used –, “folks, I’m gonna go out on a limb here.” You remember? “I’m gonna go out on a limb here, and I’m gonna tell you” — this is shortly after the president had hired Rudy to be his lawyer and liaison to the Mueller investigation.

I said, “We are now at the beginning of the end of this.” And this is so powerful, this whole idea is so powerful that even people smarter than I am who know everything I know and think everything I think, are still wary of backing off of it because it could be true. It has never been true. There has never been any evidence. And so last week I went out on a limb to tell you that it was the beginning of the end and we are going to soon see the Democrats drop this.

And then when the Democrats announced their lawsuit, that lunatic Tom Perez who runs the DNC, when they announced their civil lawsuit, well, that to me was the sign that this is over. Then over the weekend I and my climbing out on the limb were validated. Two little things — actually there’s more than two, but here’s the first.

Mara Liasson, definitely a member of the swamp, longtime denizen member of the establishment at the highly approved NPR. She’s also an analyst on Fox News, one of the Fox All Stars with Bret Baier. On Friday night’s broadcast of PBS Washington Week, Mara Liasson stated that she doesn’t think Russia is a voting issue, and Democrats who have been successful know that when you look at the list of issues that voters care about, Russia is way down at the bottom.

I said, “Whoa ho-ho-ho. It’s coming to pass.” They’ve known, for I don’t know how long, there’s nothing here. They now know they have failed to make the case. They believed Trump would be pressured with all of this to resign inside six months. They knew they never had any evidence, and yet they thought that the mountain of stress they would create via their reporting would force Trump out.

I have to take a brief departure and include something here that fits. I continue to watch Homeland even though it long ago jumped the shark. And it distresses me. Homeland used to be a great show, and I had a relationship with one of the founders, creators, executive producers that thankfully doesn’t have anything to do with it anymore. On the last night’s episode — and remember, two seasons ago they decided to go with a female president because they thought Hillary was gonna win. So they created a female president, and they went ahead and included the Russian tampering with our democracy in their plot line.

Last night’s episode, the female president was thrown out of office by way of the 25th Amendment. Her cabinet decided she was unfit because of Russian collusion. Now, remember, this show had to have been written and produced and the episodes filmed months ago. I am convinced — well, maybe going a bit far. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the producers and writers of this show were so confident, ’cause remember, everybody in the media has believed this.

They have thought Trump was guilty. They have thought this happened, and they were this gonna make it happen. And I think the producers and writers of this program thought that they would be really smart and include an episode with the president being forced out because they thought it was actually going to happen to Trump.

Now, in the timeline here, Trump is elected, these guys know it, the producers and writers of Homeland, and they had enough lead time to know that there were people talking about getting him via the 25th Amendment. So there it is, it shows up actually in last week’s episode as a precursor, but last night it actually happened while the star of the show is conducting a raid in Moscow on a dacha to get some babe who claims to have all of the proof that the Russians colluded with the president to steal the election.

Homeland’s always been based on realism. There was no way any of what happened in last night’s episode could ever happen in real life, and that’s Homeland jumping the shark. But just to show you how all-in on this. Another show, The Good Fight, streamed only on CBS All Access. You can’t get this on air. You have to have a subscription to their All Access app. It airs every Sunday. It is the program that they created after The Good Wife ran its course.

And The Good Fight features some of the cast from the previous law firm now in a new law firm, a predominantly African-American firm, which takes cases trying to beat up the Chicago PD for police brutality. At any rate, this program is obsessed with Trump, and they’re actually writing the characters going insane in this program because of Trump.

But after last night’s episode and the previews for next week, guess what next week’s episode is? One of the prostitutes that Trump hired to pee on the bed in Moscow that Obama had slept in shows up at this firm to hire the firm to defend her, because Trump and somebody’s trying to do something to her.

Now, they had to write and produce this months and months before now. Who knows how long these episodes have been in the can. But when they wrote ’em and when they produced them, they believed this! They believed the golden showers story! There’s no doubt in my mind, and they incorporate it here and now they’re stuck. Because Fusion GPS, Mara Liasson, the Democrat Party are abandoning the Russia collusion story, my friends.

As I went out on a limb last week and warned you it was going to happen, so it is. Mara Liasson, “I don’t think Russia is going to be a voting issue.” CNN political analyst Josh Dawsey on the same show said, “I think there’s rightly some reticence from Democrats to talk about this Russia thing too much because it’s a complicated storyline. I mean, to an average American, I’m not sure how much of the intricacies and the day-to-day retinue of this story really resonate.”

Mara Liasson said, “They don’t resonate.” Do you understand what this means? The CNN guy says this has gotten too complicated to follow. It’s not complicated! You’ve been accusing Trump of cheating with the Russians and stealing the election. How hard is that to understand? In terms of a concept, it’s easy to understand. It might be intricate to try to understand how it happened, but nobody has any evidence that it happened much less how, so it hasn’t gotten complicated, Mr. Dawsey. It’s remained simple as it can be.

You people have said that Donald Trump — and you’ve got a special counsel investigation going on. You’ve got a FISA warrant, you’ve got so much lawlessness going on here over a thing that didn’t happen that everybody involved knew didn’t happen. It’s not complicated. You guys have been accusing Donald Trump of stealing the election, being illegitimately elected ’cause he stole it by working with the Russians. That’s easy to understand, and you can’t sell it.

With 90% anti-Trump media coverage, with 99% pro-Russia collusion story, you still can’t sell it. You people in the Drive-Bys have been unable to sell this in a year and a half now. And it’s not because it’s complicated. It’s because it’s easy to understand. But your problem all along is your big guns are people like John Brennan and James Clapper and nobody knows who they are and don’t particularly care who they are.

Nobody knows who Fusion GPS is and nobody particularly cares who Fusion GPS is. Nobody knew who Christopher Steele was and nobody particularly cares. What they want are the prostitutes. Show us the prostitutes that peed on the bed. And there aren’t any except on a TV show next Sunday night. But that’s not all. That’s not all, ladies and gentlemen.

In addition, there is this news that the media have now given up any hope of nailing Trump for collusion or obstruction regarding Russia. The New York Times allowed the founders of Fusion GPS, Peter Fritsch and Glenn Simpson, these are the guys that found Steele at the request of Hillary Clinton, these are the guys that hired Steele and paid him through the Perkins Coie law firm as the cutout to insulate Hillary and her foundation from any of this.

Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, Peter Fritsch, op-ed, New York Times, that basically says put aside Russia collusion and obstruction of justice and even Stormy Daniels. Instead, focus on Trump’s past business deals in the hopes of finding some crime there. The guys who are at the beginning of the Russia collusion story have an op-ed in the New York Times telling people to forget that and stop trying to put all your eggs in the porn star basket and instead take a look at Michael Cohen. This is what they have actually written. Here’s how their op-ed begins.

“Put aside Russian collusion for a moment. Press pause on possible presidential obstruction of justice. Forget Stormy Daniels. The most significant recent development involving the president may be that the special counsel, Robert Mueller, has subpoenaed Trump Organization business records as part of his inquiry into Russian interference in the presidential election.

“Those documents — and records recently seized by the F.B.I. from the president’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen — might answer a question raised by the president’s critics: Have certain real estate investors used Trump-branded properties to launder the proceeds of criminal activity around the world?”

My friends, bye-bye Russia collusion. And what’s Adam Schiff gonna do? He’s got no more reason to be on TV. What are any of these people gonna do? Now all of their eggs are in the Michael Cohen basket? And what’s in the Michael Cohen basket? Why, might be, could be, you never know, there might be evidence that certain real estate investors used Trump branded properties to launder the proceeds of criminal activity around the world. Nothing to do with Russia stealing the election. It’s gone.

A month ago, three weeks ago people might have known the name Michael Cohen, and they might have known that he was Trump’s lawyer. But three weeks ago nobody paying attention to the Drive-By Media thought anybody about this story had anything to do with Cohen! Because for a year and a half it’s been Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, collusion, collusion, collusion, collusion, stealing the election from Hillary Clinton.

And now they are admitting they got nothing. Mara Liasson, “I don’t think Russia is a voting issue.” And remember that Russian honey pot lawyer that had the meeting with Donald Trump Jr. and some of the others, her name is Veselnitskaya. She says Mueller hasn’t even called her yet, Mueller hasn’t even asked her what she knows. She’s one of the reasons that they think there was collusion. She ran a scam on Trump Jr. and got a meeting with the guy in a circuitous way.

This op-ed, Fusion GPS, New York Times, 1,300 words long, contains a laundry list of Trump’s past dealings with supposedly shady characters and companies, and yet this piece ends with the admission they haven’t found any evidence of any wrongdoing in any of these deals.

Just like every story about Russian collusion, we had the anonymous sources, former intelligence officials, former this, former that saying this or that, and in every story “but there still hasn’t yet been evidence found, but officials expect that will happen in due course.” Now these guys are talking about potential Trump criminality with a money-laundering operation through Trump hotels and so forth, but they say there’s no evidence yet that has been found.

I gotta take a break. But this is “don’t doubt me” day, folks.


RUSH: I remember saying last week, in the context of Rudy Giuliani being hired, that one of the objectives is gonna be try to find a way that the left and everybody involved in this thing kind of saved face and have it just kind of fade away rather than a major, major big announcement by Mueller that we haven’t found the president did anything. I don’t see that happening even if it’s true ’cause it’s getting close to face saving time now. And I think we’re at phase 1 of this.

I cannot tell you when Fusion GPS — these are the people that hired Steele. These are the people that put this whole scam together with Hillary Clinton. These are the people that paid for it. Well, Hillary paid for it. They took the money, gave it to the law firm. They have an op-ed in the New York Times that’s twice as long as your average op-ed. Put aside Russian collusion, they write.

Put aside Russian collusion? You mean, we’re just supposed to drop everything you have been doing the last year and a half, we’re just supposed to kick it away? Why? ‘Cause there’s nothing there? No, they say it’s too complicated.

It’s not complicated at all in any way, shape, manner, or form. They want to you stop following this because it’s becoming all too clear there isn’t any evidence of any Trump crimes or any Trump collusion. And now they want you looking at Cohen and Trump money laundering and they’re still throwing it up against the wall and hoping it sticks. They don’t have anything.


RUSH: I was discussing this with Mr. Snerdley today, just confirming, look forward to it each and every day, and it’s always a treat to know you’re out there. 800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program. Email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

You know, even this Comey thing is backfiring. The Comey book is backfiring on these people. The left is starting to figure out that Comey — he-he — and his book are gumming up the Mueller investigation. And because it’s being made public that Comey wanted Mueller hired, leaked some memos that he had written after having meetings with Trump, he got his special counsel, now he’s writing all about it, which, you know, is putting some elements of the investigation at risk.

But the point is is that Comey was the next last great hope. There have been a bunch of next last great hopes in the past year and a half. Comey, a number of times, every time he testified, Comey was supposed to have the goods. Comey was gonna have the silver bullet. He was gonna have the smoking gun. Never did. So they thought maybe he withheld it for his book, but he couldn’t withhold it from his book if he didn’t testify to it.

If he’s under oath and holds something back and it shows up later in a book, he’s got big problems. It’s not like a journalist doing that. This is the director of the FBI, and if he had evidence and withheld it for a book… so there was never gonna be silver bullet in a book. There was never gonna be the smoking gun. But throughout this year and a half, the Democrats have looked at, every week, somebody new potentially having the goods, every new revelation about a meeting, every new revelation about a phone call.

And I have to tell you, folks, this is, I think, to me, one of the best examples of the great divide that I can give you. There’s never been anything to this story. It was made up. And it’s been obvious this story was made up as part of the Clinton opposition research even before we knew that. And yet the number of people on the left who have, either a combination of believed it ’cause they really thought it was true or believed it ’cause they so desperately wanted to be true, is just mind-boggling to me.

Now all of these television shows are literally making fools of themselves. Now, maybe with their target, niche audience, maybe their lunatic audience loves these storylines because they believe it’s true. But you just stop for a second and really think about what it would take for anyone, Russians, the Chinese, anybody, to literally steal an election, whether they colluded with anybody or not, it’s beyond your human ability to imagine how it would be done. There’s simply too many unknown factors going in, where to use, apply resources and so forth. To me it’s always been a myth and something totally made up.

Yet the number of people — I’m not talking about media people and establishment types who’ve been in on the scam. I’m talking about the great unwashed out there, the low-information voter or just your average, ordinary American who just sopped it right up and believed it — I know. There’s plenty of evidence that you can make people believe anything, P. T. Barnum, I understand. But this, to me, was so obviously not true and so obviously partisan, so obviously ideological, so obviously sour grapes that it seemed to me that it was obvious on its face. But man, oh, man, the people that have been invested in this.

And to show you how far gone they are — we touched on this last week. This new chairman of the Democrat National Committee, Tom — or relatively new — Tom Perez. He was the Secretary of Labor for Obama, and the guy’s a Marxist. He’s a full-fledged, 100% communist believing guy, and he runs the DNC. And they’ve announced this massive lawsuit against WikiLeaks and Russia and anybody else that they can throw into the hopper here because they are at their wits’ end.

This is an admission that there isn’t any evidence. It’s an admission that there’s nothing to this and they’re just desperately trying to salvage something. But how stupid is this? The people at WikiLeaks tweeted the following over the weekend: The Democrat National Committee is suing WikiLeaks for spectacularly revealing that the Democrat National Committee rigged its primaries on behalf of Hillary Clinton. The Democrat National Committee was so corrupt that five of its officers, including the president, were forced to resign. Donna Brazile has revealed all this.

These people did everything they could to keep the FBI from examining their server because the Democrat National Committee rigged the Democrat primary. That’s what was rigged! And it was rigged for Hillary Clinton. It was rigged against Bernie Sanders. And now they’re gonna bring all this to public light in a lawsuit? If you’re gonna sue WikiLeaks, and if you’re gonna sue Russia, well, then they can turn around and in all kinds of things like discovery and whatever, bring this to the fore.

This lawsuit’s never gonna happen. I told you last week this lawsuit’s gonna be thrown out because it doesn’t have any merit. This lawsuit is simply a PR stunt for media coverage. Perez and the Democrats know the media will dutifully report this and report it seriously and report it as though it’s a big problem for WikiLeaks and it’s a big problem for the Russians and it’s a big problem for Trump. And it’s nothing of the sort. If this lawsuit ever actually happened, the Drive-By Media would be forced to cover the fact that it was the Democrat National Committee that rigged its primary, and they are not going to let that happen.

But that hasn’t stopped Perez. Perez is still out there talking. “We’ve seen mountains of evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.” This is from yesterday. He was on Meet the Press. Let me check if I’ve got the sound bite roster. Let me see if we have this guy. Cookie, if we don’t, I don’t need him. I’m just looking to see if we do. I don’t need it. I can just tell you what he said. Tom Perez was on Meet the Depressed with — Trump’s now calling him “Sleepy Eyes” Chuck Todd.

Oh, have you heard, Jeffrey Lord, our buddy at the American Spectator, wrote a big, long piece on Democrat collusion, you know, after the trumped up Hannity thing. We on this program spent the first hour detailing all of the conflicts between Democrats and their spouses and who work in media and who work this politics — it’s a revolving door — and we revealed that F. Chuck Todd’s wife made millions of dollars running the Bernie Sanders campaign or being involved in it, and that she is a Democrat Party activist.

And so this has been made public. And F. Chuck Todd said that’s nobody’s business, that’s my wife, that’s not me. Well, wait a minute. If that’s your wife and it’s not you, then why are you reporting on all these so-called conflicts with Republicans and conservative personalities? F. Chuck Todd has been called up on this.

Anyway, Perez is out there, and he’s saying that “We’ve seen a mountain of evidence of collusion.” He must not have read the Fusion GPS column in the New York Times before his appearance, because that’s just made him look like a fool. There isn’t any evidence, and this Marxist is out there saying that they’ve seen mountains of it while Fusion GPS is now telling people to forget Russia, forget collusion, focus on Cohen. They’re even saying forget Stormy, forget the porn star, focus only on Cohen, that’s all there he is to see here. That’s the new narrative from ranking leftists and Democrats in the media and the Democrat Party.

Devin Nunes, who is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee on Fox News Sunday Morning Futures said the Democrat National Committee lawsuit against the Trump campaign, Russia, and WikiLeaks is a joke. Yeah, my first thought is it’s some kind of joke. It must be a joke. We know who colluded with Russians. It was Hillary. They don’t want to admit they colluded with Russians, but they hired Fusion GPS. They hired a law firm that hired Fusion GPS that hired the British spy that went and colluded with Russians. And Nunes says, and we’ve known this, but the way Nunes puts this is really powerful. He said there’s not a shred of actual intelligence that has been used in this investigation at all!

There isn’t any actual intelligence, meaning spies digging up dirt on potential Russian collusion and Trump involvement. All it is is this phony dossier. That is all they’ve ever had. And Nunes is saying, Mueller, the FISA warrant applications, the FISA warrant being granted, all of this spying on people, there isn’t a single morsel of actual intelligence that led to all of this.

And that is so powerful, because the real — I don’t say crime, but the real outrage here is that this dossier, which is nothing more than a political opposition research document — and pardon my redundancy here, but it’s necessary for people to finally have this hit home — is not intelligence. They passed it off. Comey passed it off to FISA. They lied to Trump about it, that was it intelligence. Comey knew that it was a Hillary produced document, didn’t tell Trump. They all knew there was not a shred of intel that has been used in this investigation at all.

If that’s the case, we’re talking, folks, you know, I don’t know criminal statutes and so forth, but to me this seems really, really criminal. That all of this, all of this this last year and a half, all of this which is nothing more than an attempt to overwrite the election results, simply refuse to accept the election results, nothing in this is real? There’s not a shred of any of this that’s real, that’s led to the investigation?


RUSH: All right. I just got an email. “Rush, it sounds to me like you don’t think there’s gonna be anything to this Cohen thing, and there could be. Remember, Rush, Cohen recorded every conversation he had, and the Feds have it.” Okay. I’ll play ball with that. Cohen recorded everything. Let me ask you a question. Are you listening?

Do you think Donald Trump knew that Cohen recorded every meeting he had, every conversation? You think Trump knew it? Hell, yes. Hell, yes, he knew it. Cohen’s his guy. Hell, yes, he did. And if Trump knew it, which I think is a pretty good bet, then what is Trump gonna have said to Cohen that could ever get Trump in trouble? Zip, zero, nada. Trump doesn’t use email, on purpose. He doesn’t want anybody to be able to go back and get records of any conversations he’s had via email. He does not use email, period, never has. Security reasons.

I know because he once told me — hang on a minute, folks. These wrong numbers call me every time and I’ve blocked every one of them and they keep getting new ones through. Anyway, I said, “I don’t tweet.” “I don’t email.” “I’m sorry, then you and I are not talking because I refuse to use email.” And he doesn’t. But there’s no way Donald Trump didn’t know that Cohen’s recording things. I don’t care. When you talk to your lawyer, you think it’s never, never gonna get exposed. Understand that.

But I just think Trump’s ahead of these people. Look, you asked my opinion, okay? And, I know that after 30 years I still have not established enough a track record for you to be confident in my opinion. I know I still have to earn it, I still have to work for it. Even though I’m never wrong, you still doubt me. I’m just telling you, that if Cohen was doing all this recording, that Trump knew it. But other people Cohen was talking to didn’t. Who might they be? Why do the Democrats want this Russia thing dropped like a hot potato?

Here’s another one, Jackie what’s-her-face. Jackie Speier, Democrat Jackie Speier: Democrat National Committee lawsuit, that’s not in the interests of the American people. She doesn’t want the Democrats doing this lawsuit. There’s too much dirty laundry that’s gonna get aired, like rigging their primary. She doesn’t think the Russia thing is something the American people care about. It’s not a voting issue. It’s like overnight.

I’m still not trusted on these matters, but the fact of the matter is, Fusion GPS, all these others — Here’s, by the way, we’ve got the words from the horse’s mouth. Number 22 first, Mara Liasson, PBS Washington Week with Robert Costa. He’s the host of this thing now. And they are talking about the Trump collusion angle here.

Well, here’s what Mara Liasson said. She said, “I think if you look at successful Democrats who’ve run in these special elections or off years, they’re not talking about Russia. They know that when you look at the list of issues that voters care about, Russia is way down at the bottom.” Now, did we have Josh Dawsey? Here he is. He’s the CNN guy, he’s on the same show.

DAWSEY: I think there’s rightly some reticence from Democrats to talk about this too much because it’s a complicated storyline. To an average American I’m not sure how much some of the intricacies and the day-to-day retinue of the story really resonates.

LIASSON: They don’t resonate.

RUSH: Are you kidding? CNN? The guy that works at CNN, “The American people don’t care. It’s too complicated, intricacies of the retinue here, people are –” Doesn’t even know how to use the word “retinue.” Does this guy still have a job today? This guy just threw his network under the bus. This guy just tossed a year and a half of CNN reporting. This is like somebody finding the Malaysian airliner and taking that story away from ’em.

Their own guy, “Ah, nah, people don’t care, it’s too intricate, it’s too complicated.” Why do they want to drop this? There’s more than just there isn’t any evidence. There’s something behind this. There always is. It’s never just the logical conclusion that you and I — if you and I were involved in a hoax and we find out that it’s over, we’d say, “Hey, you know what, folks? We gave it a shot, but let’s move on to something else.” That’s not how they’d do it. They would keep going on this even if they had no evidence. They’ve had no in evidence for a year and a half, but they’ve kept on it. Something is forcing them to drop this.


RUSH: Here’s what Devin Nunes said over the weekend, he had finally seen the electronic communications that supposedly triggered the FBI investigation of the Trump campaign the first place. Devin Nunes says that there is absolutely no intelligence to suggest there was any collusion. That is big. There is no intel. It’s all made up! Political opposition research. No intel. And we have an official special counsel investigation. This is raw, folks.

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