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RUSH: You know how I always say, “You don’t want the media making you because the media can break you”? It’s safe to say the media made James Comey. Nobody knew who James Comey was. I mean, nerds did, political junkies did. Some criminals who keep track of the FBI did. For the most part, the American people didn’t know who James Comey was. To find out who James Comey was, they had to read, listen to, or watch the media — and they got a picture of James Comey that was mixed.

After James Comey’s July 5th press conference, they were kind of happy with Comey because he exonerated Hillary Clinton. They loved Comey! “What a great, great guy! Mr. Integrity, Mr. Honesty, Mr. Unimpeachable.” Then in October, he reopens the Hillary investigation. All of a sudden, the instructions from the media were to hate the guy. So the Democrats began hating James Comey just as the media instructed them to do. And then Comey started becoming a hero again with congressional testimony letting it be known that he was no fan of Donald Trump.

So he began to reclaim some lost integrity and reputation. But still James Comey was a prisoner to media coverage. Well, I’m here to tell you that TheHill.com has decided that they’ve had enough of Comey and it’s time to do what the media does. They built him up; now it’s time to tear him down. They got what they wanted out of him. Now it’s time to extend his news cycle by bashing him. It’s a formula.

They not only can break you if they make you but they’ll make you and then break you just to have the spectacle of it. Here’s the headline: “Comey’s Book Tour Is All About ‘Truth’ — But His FBI Tenure, Not So Much. … Comey helped sway millions of Americans to distrust the FBI — which, in the long run, may be his only positive political legacy.” We add this to the stack of other Drive-By entities which are slowly beginning to say how unimpressed they are with Comey after his interviews, his book. It’s all part of the endgame here, folks.

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