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Apr 18, 2018


“Barbara Bush was funny, she was tough, and fearless too. And she was one of these people that really didn’t have a whole lot of concern for what people thought of her if it meant saying what she really believed.”

“If you don’t know that Starbucks is every bit the leftist organization that ESPN is or that the Democrat Party is, then, man, you are gonna have to work overtime to get up to speed.”

“Twenty-five, 30 years ago when this program started, if anybody in public had wished somebody dead, it could get you fired. It could ruin your reputation. You would be shunned and stigmatized. Today, people on the left are applauded. They are supported, and they are effectively given medals for this kind of stuff.”

Houston Chronicle: Barbara Bush, Wife and Mother of Presidents, Dies at 92
Federalist: Let’s Apply The Sean Hannity Standard To ‘Objective’ Journalists With Hidden Political Ties
Daily Wire: Fresno State Won’t Condemn Professor Who Rejoiced Over Barbara Bush’s Death
Daily Wire: Fresno State Professor Gloats Over Barbara Bush’s Death, Says She Won’t Be Fired
Washington Post: CIA Director Pompeo Met with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Over Easter weekend
Bloomberg: Starbucks’ Training Shutdown Could Cost It Just $16.7 Million
WND: Black Man Demands Free Starbucks Coffee as ‘Reparations’
CBS: Starbucks’ Howard Schultz “Ashamed” After Controversial Arrest of Two Black Men
NewsBusters: CNN Washes Out Its Own Role in Outing Hannity’s Legal Chat with Cohen
ESPN: Sources: Tom Brady Has Yet to Commit to Playing ’18 Season for Pats
Washington Examiner: Trump’s Four Achievements in a Hectic Week – Quin Hillyer
CNBC: IRS Gives Taxpayers One More Day to File After Payment Site Crashes
National Review: The Outrageous Outing of Sean Hannity, Cont’d – Andrew McCarthy
UKDM: Twitter Erupts as it Compares Stormy Daniels’ Mystery Man Sketch to Tom Brady, Willem Dafoe and Many More
CNN: Comey Says Republican Party ‘Has Left Me and Many Others’
New York Post: George H.W. Bush was at Barbara’s Side Until the Very End
NewsBusters: NBC, Chuck Todd Hide Wife’s Kaine Donation, and Her Firm Getting Millions from Bernie Campaign

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