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Apr 11, 2018


“The Drive-Bys are slowly realizing, or maybe fearing, that Mueller doesn’t have anything. ‘Cause, believe me, if he did, it would have leaked. ‘Cause they know they are willing participants in this investigation. The media is helping the investigation.”

“There is no smoking gun. There is no gun. There is no smoke. There is no silver bullet. There is no werewolf. There is no evidence Trump colluded with Russia. You know why? ‘Cause he didn’t. And Russia didn’t collude with Trump. It didn’t happen.”

“They’ve gotten out of bed every day for the last year and a half believing that day, every day was gonna be the day that they would find the smoking gun, silver bullet that would take Trump out. The Democrat Party, the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, the DIA, MI5, MI6, the GRU, the KGB, they’ve all been looking for the smoking gun, and nobody has found it! Because it doesn’t exist.”

AXIOS: ABC: Comey Compares Trump to Mob Boss
The Hill: Dershowitz on FBI raid of Trump attorney: ‘Dangerous day today for lawyer-client relations’
FOXNews: Why the FBI Raid on Trump’s Lawyer Hurts All of Us – Alan Dershowitz
CBS: Trump Warns Missiles “Will Be Coming” to Syria, Tells Russia to “Get Ready”
Washington Times: Mark Zuckerberg, Robert Mueller’s Right-Hand Man
Washington Examiner: Carl Bernstein: FBI Raid Was About ‘Scaring the Hell Out of the President’
FOXNews: Dershowitz: Mueller ‘Laundering Information to Another Prosecutorial Authority’
Mediaite: CNN’s Toobin Swipes at Dershowitz Over Reported Dinner with Trump: ‘He Has Picked Sides’
Daily Wire: CNN Analyst Angered After Sanders Blasts Her For Stupid Question
Breitbart: Media Fail: Only 23 Percent Believe Stormy Daniels Is Important Issue
CNN: Polls Ahow the GOP is Now President Trump’s Party
Washington Examiner: Harvard: Just 4% Millennials Trust Facebook, 71% Never or Just Some of the Time
Politico: Trump’s Man on Campus
Daily Wire: Speaker Of The House Paul Ryan Is Stepping Down. Here Are 9 Things You Need To Know
Washington Examiner: Mark Zuckerberg: ‘Optimistic’ AI Tools to Flag, Remove Hate Apeech on Facebook Will Be Developed in 5-10 Years
FOXNews: Facebook Silent After Diamond & Silk Say Company has Not Contacted Them
IBD: Awkwardness Ensues as Top Democratic Senator Asks Mark Zuckerberg if He’ll Reveal What Hotel He Stayed at Last Night


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