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RUSH: Over the Easter recess, Republican lawmakers got an earful. It turns out that voters back home are mad at them for passing the massive omnibus spending bill, which gave Democrats everything they wanted.

So a few Republicans came up with an idea to “claw back” some of that spending. By using 1974 budget rules, they could make cuts to the budget they just passed, without worrying about a filibuster. Now this is theoretically.

But it was just talk anyway. The usual Republicans immediately went on record against that very idea.

Maine Senator Susan Collins called it ill-advised. Alaska Senator Lisa the Murk Murkowski said her initial response was: No.

Why? Because clawing back outrageous spending would poison future negotiations with the Democrats.

Republican leader Mitch McConnell said some kind of rescission package might be worth a discussion someday. But since this budget was a bipartisan deal, he doesn’t think clawing back spending is “achievable.”

So Republicans go to town meetings, tell their Senators what they want, and get polite lip service. But when these Senators go back to the swamp, it doesn’t matter. What matters is what Democrats want, and the Republicans too.

If that doesn’t tell you voters what your Republican Senators think of you, then think of a pile… nothing will.

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