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RUSH: For years the Food Nazis have pressured cereal companies to get rid of sugar in order to fight childhood obesity. So cereal makers ditched the sugar. But the kids still got fat.

It looks like the days of appeasement are over now because the Wall Street Journal reports that sugar is coming back. Kellogg’s killed off its lower-sugar version of Frosted Flakes. After a backlash, General Mills scrapped its “all-natural” Trix and brought back the original, complete with artificial colors and artificial flavors, the way it ought to be.

Catering to the Food Nazis hurt the cereal makers’ bottom line. Cereals created to attract the “health-conscious” like Cheerios with added protein or Frosted Flakes with high fiber, they didn’t sell. Nobody bought ’em. Over the last five years, cereal sales dropped 11%. So sugar is coming back to sweeten things up.

These cereal makers could have saved themselves a lot of grief if they had simply paid attention to me years ago or to Michelle Obama’s school lunches. She replaced the foods that kids like with what she thought they should eat and they ended up dumping her “healthy choices” into the garbage and sneaking off to fast food places.

Consumers want Cheerios that taste like Cheerios, Trix with artificial colors, and Frosted Flakes frosted with sugar. And they’re going to get all of that again.

It’s a great day in America for you and for sugar and hopefully a first step to more stuff like this.

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