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RUSH: Mrs. Clinton will not put a sock in it. We got audio coming up. She was speaking at a women’s-only club in New York City Tuesday called The Wing. She was complaining that she is not getting enough credit for accelerating the #MeToo movement. Hillary Clinton wants credit for the #MeToo movement? You know what the #MeToo movement is? That’s a bunch of women saying, “Yep, Weinstein did it to me, and so did somebody else. I’ve been mistreated. I’ve been abused.” And Hillary thinks she deserves credit for this? Is there anything that this woman has not made happen?


RUSH: Hillary Clinton, I hope she never goes away. I said it the other day, I hope she never gets tired of this. I hope she remains ticked off and bugged. I hope she remains feeling victimized. I hope she keeps feeling sorry for herself. In other words, I hope she continues behaving like the immature, spoiled brat that she apparently is.

Now she’s out there claiming, the woman who headed up the bimbo eruptions unit in her husband’s campaign and White House — now, for those of you new to the program, let me explain what that meant. The Clinton campaign knew that Clinton had bedded and attempted to bed a slew of women, from the time he was in college up to being governor of Arkansas, attorney general of Arkansas.

So when his presidential campaign began, they were in wait for any woman that would pop up. You know, kind of like Stormy Daniels here except for Clinton there were 25 or 30 of them. And they were ready for them. And whenever they erupted, the bimbo eruptions team confronted these women and gave them the rules of life. And that is, if you basically want to remain who you are, you’ll shut up and you’ll go away, and you’ll never say a word about this. If you don’t, we are gonna destroy you. We will make your reputation even worse than what you’ve made it, and that’s what Hillary Clinton did.

She and a woman named Betsey Wright led the effort to destroy the reputations of all the women Bill Clinton had been with, harassed. Now, Hillary Clinton comes along to a group called The Wing, she made a speech on Tuesday night claiming that the #MeToo movement really got its impetus from her. She now wants credit for this, even though, I’ll tell you what. If she had won the presidency, then Harvey Weinstein would still be doing whatever he has been doing and was doing with all those women, and we wouldn’t know about it, because the New York Times would have never written the story about Harvey Weinstein.

And Ronan Farrow would never have been allowed to have his story published, because Hillary would be in the White House and Weinstein would be there almost constantly as a fundraiser, as a donor, as a supporter. Hillary Clinton losing turned that world upside down.

Hang on. What is my phone — I’m getting a note saying the three hours goes by faster as a listener even than it seems to me as a host. Not surprised by that.

Tuesday night, New York City, The Wing is a network of coworking community spaces designed for women, whatever that is. And Hillary Clinton was a guest speaker. And after she spoke there was a Q&A period. A woman said, “In an alternative reality, Mrs. Clinton, if you were president today, 2018, do you think the #MeToo movement would have still happened?”

HILLARY: I believe that it was a wave that was building and building and building. I think my losing probably accelerated that wave. But the wave was coming. They’re having that moment right now in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and there’s a referendum about loosening abortion restrictions in the Republic of Ireland, which is part of the overall wave that I’m talking about, people saying, you know, women not only should speak up and be heard, but laws these changes. And, you know, this is not just an American phenomenon. This is a global one. So, yeah, I think — I think it definitely would have happened.

RUSH: It would have not! The #MeToo movement would have never seen the light of day. There would be no such hashtag. Are you kidding me? Hillary Clinton’s in the White House and we’re gonna have a movement based on how women are harassed and sexually abused? How would that have flown with Hillary Clinton being in the White House? I’m telling you, folks, the reason Weinstein is in the position he’s in is because she lost. I don’t doubt this.

I think some in the media and on the Democrat side realized the baggage they were carrying around with some of these Clinton people. I think the Democrats have done their best to try to erase the Clintons, with Hillary’s loss. I mean, it gave them the impetus to just do what they could to get rid of the Clintons. And you’ve seen the media? The media’s going now backwards and apologizing, some of them, for not calling Clinton out on Lewinsky and all of that in the 90’s when the media gave him a pass and basically said it’s nobody’s business, it’s just sex, it’s not affecting the way he does his job.

In order to go after Trump, they had to do a hindsight 20/20 breakdown on Clinton. And that would not have happened if Hillary had won. But now she has to try to take credit for the #MeToo movement which, you know, was a wave that was, you know, it was building and building and, you know, my losing probably accelerated the wave. Here’s what she said about the first female candidate, being the first female candidate for president of a major party.

HILLARY: What pollsters and others would report is, “Well, of course I’d vote for a woman, just not that woman,” meaning me. I thought that was really interesting. And as soon as that election happened, you could just see the press, particularly the right-wing press and Republicans, turn on people like Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris. And all of a sudden they were the ones being criticized for speaking out of turn, speaking up, being shrill, being aggressive, you know, all the words meant to put down women. So this is an ongoing challenge that we have to come to grips with.

RUSH: You know, I have a different take on this, and I need to run this by you all. ‘Cause when I look at Hillary Clinton and the total package and the various phases of Hillary Clinton, I see a woman who was protected by the media, by the Democrat Party, and by women’s groups, I see a woman who was hoisted on a pedestal she didn’t deserve to be on. I see a woman who was praised and revered for things she had not done. She wasn’t the smartest woman in the world, she’s never been the smartest woman in the world, she’s never gonna be.

She was spared any kind of legitimate criticism whatsoever from the mainstream media. She escaped all kinds of coverage that most people in the media get. Republican women are destroyed. They are targeted. Condoleezza Rice, the mistreatment she got, African-American to boot, Mrs. Clinton has had a kid glove, white glove free ride.

But listen to her. She’s got this (imitating Clinton), “Pollsters and others, you know, well, of course I’d vote for a woman, just not that woman, meaning me. Now, that was really interesting. As soon as that election happened, you could just see the press, particularly right-wing press, Republicans turn on people like Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris.” Your media never did. Hillary, you don’t know what tough press coverage is, is my point. You don’t really know what it is.

You think Fox News? Fox News just deals in the truth. Fox News doesn’t target people for destruction! Fox News doesn’t try to ruin people. And neither do any of us here on talk radio or anywhere else. But that’s not true of your media. Your media collects scalps. You were protected because you were protecting your husband. Everybody knew you had to stay with this guy or else it was all over for him and the Democrat Party and for you. They let you get away with blaming your husband’s dalliance with the intern on something like the vast right-wing conspiracy. There you are with a slobbering Matt Lauer on the Today show throwing out this drivel of a vast right-wing conspiracy to explain what happened to your husband, and he just lapping it up like the intern waiting for him back in his office desk.

And you think you’re getting tough press coverage? And you think it’s women are being told not to vote for you because their husbands have them under their thumb? You really don’t understand modern American marriages or male-female relationships. This is a woman who was — I don’t know at what age it started, but I can tell you by the time she got to Wellesley and Yale, she was being taught hatred for manhood. She was being taught hatred for patriarchy, men, whatever, and she hasn’t gotten rid of it.

I mean, the idea that everybody out there in America’s an Archie Bunker and every woman is Edith. But she believes it. Not just saying it. And finally, here is Hillary complaining the media didn’t do anything to fight back against the attacks on her because they thought she was gonna be elected anyway, so they didn’t help her.

HILLARY: You know, when I saw a lot of what was done, and some of it was on the dark web, some of it you would not see, but obviously the “lock her up” was front and center, and how so few people objected. I mean, people who supported me were like, “Nobody’s going to believe that.” And the press was like, (sighs) “She’s going to win anyway, we don’t need to say anything.” And then the right just kept ginning it up, and ginning it up. They’re still chanting it. You know, when he can’t think of anything to say, Trump starts chanting it. And (laughter), you know, you sit there and think, does he think I was elected? (laughter) FOX News is always trying to impeach me.

RUSH: What? Whoa. Wait, whoa, what? Fox News is trying to impeach her? It’s worse than I thought. Mrs. Clinton, you’re not impeachable. You’re not in office and Fox News can’t impeach you. But beyond that, did you notice Mrs. Clinton says the press didn’t defend her because they thought she was going to win anyway, and so they didn’t think it mattered.

Mr. Clinton, you give yourself away. You admit here that you Democrats expect the press to carry your water. You expect the Drive-By Media to clean up after you. You expect the Drive-By Media to protect you, because they do. And yet when they didn’t do what you wanted ’em to do in the face of “lock her up” — Mrs. Clinton, you ever stop to think where “lock her up” comes from? You ever stop to think what that’s about, Mrs. Clinton?

It might have to do with the fact that you broke so many damn federal laws with your basement email server and that you were trafficking in classified data that anybody else would have charged with. Mrs. Clinton, there’s nobody that I know who has been exonerated from a crime before she does the interview with the FBI. Do you realize, this is what happened, Comey interviewed and gave her an exoneration note before the interview! You talk about being protected and shielded.

She’s crying ’cause the media didn’t help her out with “lock her up, lock her up”? Mrs. Clinton, you represent something that really bothers most people. You epitomize powerful government people getting away with things that average, ordinary Americans would be indicted for and convicted of. And you get away with it. You got away with having one of your aides converted to a lawyer for your interview so she could be in there with you so that you had attorney-client privilege in your FBI interview. Nobody else could have that done.

Your husband interferes. Your husband joins the attorney general on the tarmac at an airport in Phoenix, and there is no recrimination for anybody. There’s no punishment. There’s nothing. You get away with everything left and right. And the average American knows full well they wouldn’t get away with any of it. That’s what “lock her up” means. I mean, there may be some that actually want to see you in jail, I don’t know how many people ever expect that to happen.

But the fact that there’s two sets of laws in this country, one for you and Comey and Strzok and Lisa Page and McCabe and people at the FBI and the CIA. There’s one set of laws for those people. There’s another set for everybody else. And you complaining about the advantages you’ve had in life is really unseemly and childish. Really immature. You really sound like a spoiled brat here.

And, you know, I have been one to come to her defense when I think she’s been unfairly attacked in places. Remember, it was this program that did Operation Chaos that kept her ’08 presidential campaign alive in the primaries. I think that’s one of the reasons you don’t see her mentioning me in the same breath she’s ripping into Fox News.


RUSH: There’s something about Hillary Clinton that’s always struck me, how she makes this grand assumption that she’s speaking for all women. And, remember, this is part and parcel of the left’s media trick. Whatever they believe or think, they talk about it and report on it as though everybody thinks that, foregone conclusion. That’s the majority opinion on whatever it is they’re opining about.

So Mrs. Clinton comes up with this idea that she is speaking for all American women except, of course, the deplorables, the ones that are under the jackboots of their husbands. But it really is instructive to listen to this woman of high privilege, this very protected, shielded — I mean, if this woman were reported on honestly, her political ineptitude, her lack of communicative skills, her lack of a bond, true bond with any supporters, the fact that she’s not all that bright, that would be public knowledge.

If she were subjected to the kind of coverage that, say, Sarah Palin gets… Hillary Clinton doesn’t get 1% of what Sarah Palin got and continues to get. Talk about protected, shielded, guarded. Astounding. And for her to complain — Mr. Snerdley just asked me, “Can you think of any male presidential candidate who lost who, a year and a half later, was still running around whining and moaning and complaining about it?”

And I can’t. I know maybe you people can come up with some. I can’t. Well, Algore. I don’t think Algore complained about it for a year. He parlayed that into climate change. He’s now a multi-multi-multi, close to billionaire. The best thing that ever happened to Algore actually was losing, ends up on the Apple board, free iPhones, all this global warming stuff that he owns. That’s dead wrong, too, but it’s made him very wealthy.

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