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RUSH: Now, I ran into a story today — this is related to something that matters greatly here, but it doesn’t really relate to some hot piece of news that is in the media at the moment, but of course it’s something that both you and I consider crucially important, that is, our culture.

Our culture is our future. Our culture and society are our future. And what young people are doing, what they’re being taught, how they are being conditioned and educated is of paramount importance. And it’s taken on even more importance with, I would call it the dissolution of the traditional nuclear family. It used to be that the vast majority of America was structured in nuclear families, mom and dad, 2.8 kids, and mom and dad attempting to do what they can to be upwardly mobile and raising their kids to obey the law, work hard, you know, all of those old values.

And many of them are going by the wayside as cultural and societal evolution take place. Now we’ve got a whole different slew of definitions of the family. And in fact the old nuclear family definition — mom, dad, 2.8 kids — is considered almost discriminatory. It’s considered white privilege now, because minority families never had the economic advantages to be a nuclear family like that. And so many kids only have one parent or so many kids have two parents but they’re the same sex, Heather has two mommies and so forth.

And rather than this being something that is expansive and productive, I happen to believe that it’s chipping away at core values and traditions which are crucially important to developing the next generation and the next generation. There need to be values and traditions that survive. Change is constantly among us. Things are always changing, but there does need to be some threshold or floorboard standards.

And those are being purposely targeted and blown to smithereens under the guise of equality, equity, nondiscrimination, you name it, the leftists are trying to define all of this tear-down as a utopian panacea. And it really isn’t. Now, you and I all know that we have major problems in education. You and I know that young kids are being educated — I should say propagandized. They are not really being taught things at all. Well, in a strict sense they are. But it’s largely indoctrination.

Creative writing, creative thinking, reason, all of these things are being weeded out as destructive and threatening to the objective of sameness and equality and equity and what have you. And particularly on the top side. If you happen to be much better at something than most other people, the idea used to be to nourish that, nurture that, help that along become even greater and better.

Now it’s been stigmatized. And rather than elevate modern American education seeks to lower great achievement because it’s humiliating to those who aren’t that good, smart, whatever. And so we’re not engaged in philosophies that make people better, but rather make people the same. And the only way you can do that is to subtract. In the left’s world you never elevate to make people equal. You always lower from the top.

So I have here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a piece from The Federalist website by Patricia Daugherty. Patricia Daugherty is the president of the Eagle Forum of Georgia. And she writes for the Eagle Forum on higher education. And she went to a college administrators conference, and she was shocked by what she saw.

And she believes that while we think that kids are being led astray and down the path of socialism and communism and sameness and equity, equality, and all that, by way of professors, teachers and so forth, she says it’s even worse than that. It is the administrative staff at so many schools, high schools, middle schools, colleges, universities, and she says that it is much worse than we know.

She says that people do not really understand what their kids are being forced to hear outside the classroom, not just in the classroom. They have no idea what they’re being forced to hear everywhere throughout the campus. She is a 40-year college student affairs professional. She went to a conference, and she could not believe the left-wing drivel that was forced into her brain and was then supposed to be forced into students’ brains through here.

Here’s her conclusion. “I came away from this experience alarmed and discouraged, which is why I feel the need to raise awareness of these realities. Our young people are too important for us to be silent. … Young people are more fragile now than they have ever been, and I’m afraid student affairs is playing a major role in the angst. The political self-absorption I saw promotes not emotional growth and resilience but rather distrust, anxiety, and victimhood.” There it is.

I’ve been harping on this. The left tries to turn everybody they can into victims, everybody.


RUSH: So this whole idea of victimhood, in these schools these administrators are doing that to every student they can, trying to convince every student he’s a victim of something. ‘Cause once you do that, you’ve taken away the idea of accomplishment and achievement because it’s not possible. You have to be a victim. Victimhood explains your failure and blames it on somebody else.

And she says — again, this is Patricia Daugherty. She says it’s the administrative staff at all these schools, in addition to the faculty, the counselors, guidance counselors, therapists, pummeling these kids every day with this left-wing tripe.


RUSH: So get this. Patricia Daugherty is at a convention, it’s the first day of this convention of administrators, college administrators conference, first day, keynote speaker, a professor whose talk was on: “White Fragility: Why It Is So Hard for Whites to Talk about Our Racism.” It was a woman, a female professor selected to kick everything off because, according to the convention program, the convention of college administrators, quote, “white supremacy culture permeates in (sic) the United States, with higher education and our campuses. Additionally, there is no doubt racism and colonialism exists (sic) on colleges campuses.”

Folks, this isn’t even written correctly. This is a college administrators convention. This is horribly written. It’s horribly punctuated. White supremacy culture permeates in the United States — permeates what? It’s not permeates “in,” it’s permeates “the,” to be grammatically correct. “With higher education and our campuses.” Not with. Whoever wrote this doesn’t even understand grammar! Doesn’t even get English composition. “White supremacy culture permeates in the United States with higher education and our campuses.”

It’s a bunch of sentence fragments and phrases thrown together. “Additionally, there is no doubt racism and colonialism exists (sic) on colleges campuses.” Colonialism? Does anybody even know what it is? This was the first day. This was the keynote. And went downhill from there. These are the people teaching our kids.


RUSH: You want to hear something else crazy? I was just harping on these people for their poor grammar. And you know, it’s amazing, you go read your average website today, it’s stunning to me — I don’t know how to describe it, what the term is, how punctuation is wrong and misplaced, incorrectly used. Sometimes whole words are omitted. I can’t believe there are editors letting this stuff get published.

Grammar hardly exists in certain places like this descriptive paragraph of the keynote speaker at the college administrators conference. And I found out during the break, I got a note, “You know, you are shaming people here, and that is an example of white privilege.”

And I said, “What?” And it turns out that grammar and proper English composition is said to be literacy privilege. That if you’re good at grammar, good at English composition, good at writing, essentially you have literacy privilege. And it’s all part of white privilege. And it’s considered an unfair advantage.

And so you’re not allowed to shame people that don’t know how to write, don’t know how to punctuate, don’t know how to spell. It’s not fair that you know and they don’t and therefore you shaming them is an example of white privilege. I kid you not. I didn’t know until moments ago this existed.


RUSH: Did you have a homework therapist when you were growing up? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Well, they’re big now. It’s a $100 billion tutoring industry that is just now added. Homework therapy. The New York Times has all the news about it that’s fit to print. It’s just a shame I didn’t get to this today, but maybe tomorrow.

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