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Mar 28, 2018


“It is no coincidence that the Roseanne show was a blockbuster at the same time the era of Limbaugh was unveiling. And it was a runaway hit.”

“Rubio’s trying to reach out to these people, and even after the CNN town hall where he got savaged he continued to try to reach out to ’em. And they got meaner, more mean-spirited, more extreme, more hate-filled toward Rubio.”

“There’s no common ground between communism and freedom. There’s no overlap.”

“The impression you are to draw or to conclude is the NRA is barely hanging on, and it’s the exact opposite. Oh, you can find the news that their membership rolls are bursting at the seams, but you won’t find it in the Drive-By Media.”

New York Times: Repeal the Second Amendment – John Paul Stevens
Washington Post: California Sues Trump Administration Over Addition of Citizenship Question to Census
Entertainment Weekly: Roseanne Revival Premieres to Massive Ratings
Washington Examiner: Roseanne Confronts Jimmy Kimmel Over Trump Opposition: ‘You All Went So F—ing Far Out, You Lost Everything’
Washington Times: NFL Owners Finalize $90M Social-Justice Deal Without Resolving Anthem Protests
AFP: US Economy Grew at a Faster Pace in Fourth Quarter 2017
Daily Wire: Gun Rights Provocateur David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied
CNN Poll: 42% Approve of Trump, Highest in 11 Months
New York Times: Marco Rubio Must Be Destroyed
Daily Wire: Most Of The March For Our Lives Protesters Weren’t Young — And Most Weren’t Motivated By Gun Control
Daily Caller: Google Searches For ‘NRA Membership’ Spiked During March For Our Lives
NewsBusters: CNN Panel Refers to Trump-Supporting Women as Hypocrites
Frontpage Mag: Teenagers Make Great Progressive Shock Troops: What the “March for Our Lives” Was Really About – Bruce Thornton
Daily Caller: California Sheriff Revolts Against Sanctuary State Law, Makes Inmates’ Release Dates Public
OC Register: Hundreds Protest Homeless, Sanctuary Law Outside Orange County Board of Supervisors Meeting
Daily Caller: Liberal Journos Tell Justice Stevens To Shut-Up About Dinging The Second Amendment
Washington Post: One in Five Americans Want the Second Amendment to Be Repealed, National Survey Finds
NewsBusters: The Liberal Media’s Brazen Double-Standard on Sex Scandals
Washington Post: The Trump Administration is Adding a Citizenship Question to the Census. Here’s Why That’s Bad for Democrats – Aaron Blake
CNBC: Mom and Dad Foot Some Bills for 1 in 4 Millennials Working Full Time


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