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RUSH: The Never Trumpers are distressed over a lot of things. By the way, let me ask you all a question, and I’ll explain where this comes from a little later. Do you think Melania Trump has a duty to divorce Donald Trump? Do you think Melania Trump should divorce Donald Trump? Well, the reason I ask is that there are some people who think she has a duty to do so, and they are supposedly conservative. More on that in a moment.

But Bill Kristol, in his own mind one of the leaders of the Never Trumper movement was on CNN The Lead with Jake Tapper yesterday afternoon. Question from Jim Sciutto, the Fill-In Host: “In our new CNN poll, it shows that 63% of Americans believe –” this is men and women “– believe the women who are making these charges here against Trump. As we head into the midterms in particular, does this have a political effect?”

KRISTOL: I would have thought it would have had more of an effect in 2016 than it did, and he’s not on the ballot. I do think Trump’s general approval has an effect. I think all these charges obviously hurt him. They don’t hurt quite as much as I would have thought they would have.

RUSH: That’s the real point. They’re not hurting as much as I would have thought they would. Why did anybody think they would? I mean, we had the Access Hollywood experience. You know, it boils down to these people — I’m gonna tell you something. They’re running around, they say that Donald Trump is destroying conservatism. Donald Trump’s not destroying conservatism. They are. These Never Trumpers, if there is destruction of conservatism happening, which I think is a debatable premise, but if it is, if it’s being damaged, if it’s being harmed, it’s not Trump doing it.

Trump is implementing elements of conservatism these people have been braying about, preaching about, saying they’re for for decades. It’s what makes this amazing. The things they believe in are being implemented, and they’re fit to be tied. They’re bitter, and they’re angry, all because Trump is not sophisticated enough or he’s not intellectual enough or whatever it is.

In the meantime, these people are doing everything they can to stop and to oppose the guy who is doing more to implement conservative since Ronald Reagan. The sour groups here is rooted in the fact that they still do not understand, A, Trump, they don’t understand how and why he got elected, which means they do not understand a huge swath of the American people.


RUSH:  No, no… Somebody thinks that Melania Trump has a duty to “American women” — as though they are a political entity — to divorce Trump. Because Hillary didn’t divorce Bill, Melania should divorce Trump to make it right for women.  It’s convoluted and silly. 

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