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RUSH: You know, every day we are treated to a media diet of it’s over for Trump, it’s over for the Republicans, Trump’s gonna be impeached after the Democrats win the midterms. And even if the Democrats don’t win the midterms, Trump’s gonna be impeached, Trump’s gonna be rendered ineffective ’cause Trump’s a pig, Trump’s this, Trump’s that. Everything the Democrats are doing is gonna triumph except for Hillary Clinton who they’re on the verge of shutting up.

And when they figure that out then everything else will be toast, everything else will be cake, because they gotta get rid of her and then they can move forward. But it doesn’t matter ’cause everybody hates Trump and the Republicans don’t have a chance, Democrats are gonna run away with everything.

That’s a basic summary of what the news is on a day-to-day basis. No matter what the elements are. On Saturday it was a bunch of young skulls full of mush marching for things they don’t understand led by paid for a bunch of Democrat activists in an hours-long campaign ad that was not categorized as such and not reported as such. It was reported as organic and real and precisely because a bunch of young people who haven’t lived long enough to know anything had become experts on something.

To me, it illustrates the intellectual vacancy of the Democrat Party and the American left. There’s a reason why 17- and 18-year-olds are not CEOs. There’s a reason why they don’t run universities. They simply haven’t lived long enough to amass enough knowledge and experience to have anything approaching wisdom. But, boy, if they have the right emotions and if they can be steered into using the right language, then the Democrat Party will use them, use them up and spit them out.

It’s not gonna end well. I don’t even know if I should say this. I’m not gonna say it. It’s not gonna end well for some of these kids who are being made stars right now. It’s just not gonna end well. I’m not talking about life. I’m talking about their lives. I’m talking about this isn’t gonna continue, this adulation, this stardom, being the focus of attention, it isn’t gonna last. And all it’s gonna take is one misstep by one of them, and the left and the media will drop them like a hot potato if they ever veer off script.

And the odds that they’re gonna veer off script are pretty good, ’cause they’re gonna get older, and they’re going to eventually acquire knowledge. And they’re going to be gaining additional experiences. And when that happens, many of them, not all, many of them are gonna change their minds on things.

And so two or three years from now some of them may be on TV talking about how embarrassed they are when they look at themselves three years ago. At that point, the Democrats and the media will drop them. But for now let’s take a look, in this daily narrative of “it’s over for Trump,” and by extension, it’s over for the Republicans.

By the way, being over for some of them would be a good thing. And Democrats are in the ascendancy. It’s just a matter of time. The American people realize their mistake. You know, after every Republican’s elected, there’s a pattern. The Republican is insane, is dumb, stupid, is a threat to start a nuclear war, is a child. Every Republican president is treated this way. Reagan, George W. Bush, even to a certain extent George H. W. Bush, and of course now Trump.

It’s an ongoing pattern, and that everybody sees it. That after every Republican’s elected, the American people inside the first year realize their mistake and they said they’re asking the Democrats to forgive them and they wish they could take their vote back. It’s so bad, they’re so embarrassed, they’re asking the Democrats to forgive them and their neighbors to forgive them. This is the pattern.

So in the midst of all this, think of this. Let’s look at the current leadership of the Democrat Party. What is it, who is it that’s going to make all these people show up with great enthusiasm and vim and vigor and vote Democrat? Well, much as they might not like it, Hillary Clinton will not leave. Hillary Clinton is still claiming leadership in the Democrat Party. She’s still mad, she’s still bitter, she is still angry and livid. She is still unable to stand up without help. She’s still collapsing. She’s still falling down steps, even after all of these years.

It’s gotten so bad that Claire McCaskill is politely asking Hillary to shut up and stop insulting the people that vote for Democrats. But Hillary won’t go away. And nobody can find Bill to make her go away, which is hopeless anyway ’cause Bill would have done that years ago if he could have. But he can’t make her go away.
So, in addition to Hillary Clinton being a leader, now we have a bunch of skulls full of mush from a Florida high school manipulated by the former mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, maybe George Soros and his money, and clearly a bunch of A-list celebrities.

Have you noticed, by the way, folks, you noticed that this march looked identical to the women’s march after Trump was elected, which looked identical to what happened in Ferguson, Missouri, which looked identical to what happened in Baltimore, all of which looks identical to what happens in climate change. You’ve got some ingredients in all of these things that are common to every left-wing protest. And the primary ingredient here is the children.

In climate change, it’s the children, scared to death that there will not be a planet by the time they are 16. There will not be breathable air, that the United States is responsible for this. The United States is destroying the planet. And it’s actually Republicans in the United States who are destroying the planet. Every march, every issue, same formula, same essential ingredients.

Joining the leadership of the Democrat Party as of last night, a has-been porn star who took time off from the Make America Horny Again Tour to show up for an interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes to apparently get Donald Trump in trouble with the Federal Election Commission on the basis of a perhaps illegal campaign donation. Robert Mueller, more integrity than any human being alive, greatest reputation of anybody in Washington, D.C., supposedly a lifelong Republican. So was McCabe, a lifelong Republican. And he’s got a bunch of left-wing Democrat lawyers and investigators. And they can’t find anything to get rid of Donald Trump on, and so they continue to look.

Also new on the Democrat leadership platform, Mark Zucky Zuckerberg of Facebook. Did you see what Facebook did? By the way, Facebook’s buying newspaper ads, print newspaper ads to apologize for what they did. It’s like I used to work in AM radio, music AM radio in Pittsburgh in the early 1970s, and one of the promotions — it was a top 40 radio station, playing the hits, and we started engaging in promotions and contests. Listeners could win things. Lucky license plate, you name it. We started giving away FM radios.

So I went in to the boss, “Can you explain to me why we are giving people, giving away the opportunity for people to not listen to us?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, we’re giving away FM radios so that people can hear music better. I’m sorry, it doesn’t make any sense to me.” I was considered a malcontent. I was told to take it somewhere else and don’t be talking this way. You gotta get behind our efforts here. I said, “I am fully, but I don’t understand.”

So there’s Zuckerberg, one of the deans of high-tech going into newspaper ads that nobody sees anymore, to apologize. What’s Facebook got to apologize for? For letting a right-wing group come in and figure out how to do what Obama has been doing for eight years. That’s what got Zuckerberg in trouble. Don’t be mistaken. Zuckerberg is not in trouble because he gave up user data. That’s not it at all.

Zuckerberg is in trouble because he was unable to stop a Republican group from figuring out how to do the same thing. That’s why he’s in trouble with the people he’s in trouble with. And the Twitter guys, they see it, and that’s why they’re clamping down on conservatives just like Facebook is. But this is the Democrat Party today. Joe Biden. Who is it? They are relying totally on Trump hatred. The problem is that Trump is not gonna be on the ballot in November. They’re counting their chickens before they hatch.

Meanwhile, things in the United States — circumstances, people’s lives — are rebounding as eight years of Obama are being slowly erased and a bunch of things are improving. Things that really matter in terms of how people live their lives. It’s reflected in consumer confidence surveys. Now, the Republicans in terms of leadership are in a much better situation. They have legitimate leaders that you can point to and identify that are of all demographics and all age-groups. But there’s only one place…

There is only one place you can find the genuine political agenda of putting America first, of putting Americans back to work, of lowering American taxes, reducing regulations, protecting and building back the United States of America. There’s only one place you can go right now to be guaranteed that’s what you’re gonna get if you support it, and that’s the White House, because that’s where Donald Trump is. Nowhere else in American politics can you go. You can’t go to San Francisco or LA. Sanctuary cities. Homelessness.

You can’t go to any city run by Democrats and have anywhere near an agenda of putting America first, putting Americans first, rebuilding the American economy, creating more jobs, creating more disposable income for the American people. You can’t find any of that on the Democrat Party side of the aisle. All you can find on the Democrat Party side of the aisle is an increasing number of people who are declared to be victims; therefore helpless. Therefore not able to protect or rely on themselves. Therefore not a bunch of people with a positive attitude about anything.

And the Democrat Party cannot, no matter what they do, point to any aspect of their agenda and say it’s positive. They are relying on total pessimism and negativity, because they think that everybody is like them: Hates Trump, regrets their vote, and is now willing to make amends and seek the forgiveness of the Democrats for not electing Hillary by getting rid of Trump. Meanwhile, as I say: If you’re interested in a stronger, safer, more productive life for yourself and country, there’s only one place you can go and support that has a chance of any of that happening, and that’s the White House with Donald Trump.

I’m not even gonna include the Republican leadership in the House and Senate. I cannot, in a blanket way, associate them with that agenda. Not totally. Some of them don’t want Trump to succeed. Some of them don’t want Trump reelected. I mean, there’s Never Trumpers everywhere. The White House is it, and this is what the Democrats are gonna run against — and they’re running against it with Mark Zuckerberg. They’re running against it with a bunch of skulls full of mush from high schools. They’re running against it with Hillary Clinton while trying to get her to shut up. A porn star and a big, great last hope: Robert Mueller.

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