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Mar 26, 2018


“After every Republican’s elected there’s a pattern. The Republican is insane, dumb, stupid, a threat to start a nuclear war, a child. Every Republican president is treated this way. Reagan, George W. Bush, even to a certain extent George H. W. Bush, and of course now Trump.”

“Have you noticed, by the way, folks, you noticed that this march looked identical to the women’s march after Trump was elected, which looked identical to what happened in Ferguson, Missouri, which looked identical to what happened in Baltimore, all of which looks identical to what happens in climate change. You’ve got some ingredients in all of these things that are common to every left-wing protest. And the primary ingredient here is the children.”

Daily Wire: 5 Things You Need To Know About The Stormy Daniels ’60 Minutes’ Interview
60 Minutes: Stormy Daniels describes her alleged affair with Donald Trump
National Review: Waiting for the Smoking Gun
Daily Wire: Flashback: MSM Deemed Clinton-Lewinsky Affair Nothing More Than Consensual Sex
RealClearPolitics: David Hogg: “Our Parents Don’t Know How To Use A F*cking Democracy, So We Have To”
NewsBusters: USA Today Clings to Gun-Control March’s False 800K Crowd-Size Claim
AP: Diplomats Ousted: US, Europe Punish Russia Over Spy Case
CBS: Highlights from 60 Minutes’ Stormy Daniels Interview
Entertainment Weekly: Stormy Daniels Rejects her #MeToo Moment on 60 Minutes – Kristen Baldwin
FOXNews Poll: Voters Approve of Trump Meeting with North Korea
CNN: Fox News poll: Trump Approval Holds Steady as GOP Shrinks Dems’ Edge in Midterms Fight
FOXNews: Trump Touts $1.3 Trillion Budget as Win for Military; Vows More Money for Border Wall
CNN: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Says Sorry in Full-Page Newspaper Ads
U.S. News & World Report: Building a Wall in the Dark – Ryan Alexander 07.19.17
New Republic: The End of Privacy. How Bill Clinton Lost the Right to be Left Alone – 02.16.98
San Diego Union-Tribune: It’s Getting a Little Squirrelly at the Coast
New York Magazine: The Paris Climate Accords Are Starting to Look Like Fantasy
Breitbart: Nothing Unusual Happening in Climate Change, Over 40 New Scientific Papers Confirm


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