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RUSH: So much for the trade war. What happened to the trade war? All last week with Trump’s new sanctions and tariffs and so forth, everybody was worried, including the stock market, “Oh, my God, oh, my God, Trump’s trade war, we’re gonna die, oh, my God!” And now it’s over! The Dow Jones Industrial Average right now is plus 479 for the day.

And a story here at CNBC, “Dow Jumps 600 Points as Trade Tensions Ease — The Dow Jones industrial average traded 600 points higher, with Microsoft as the best-performing stock in the index.” And you know what’s happened here? China blinked! The ChiComs blinked! The ChiComs have offered to buy more semiconductors from the U.S. to help cut its trade surplus.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that U.S. and ChiCom officials are working to improve U.S. access to China’s markets. “Investors ‘have apparently recognized that a trade war is in no one’s best interests and therefore extremely unlikely,’ said Jeremy Klein, chief market strategist at FBN Securities, in a note. ‘Specifically, the President merely wants to fulfill a campaign promise while China will only enact token countermeasures to appease its citizens.'”

Wait a minute. I’m getting tired of this. I’m getting tired of being told all this doom and gloom every time Trump does something. And then a couple days go by and we find out it’s not doom and gloom, that Trump actually prevailed.

So Trump raises tariffs on the ChiComs an exorbitant amount, and remember the market plunged three to 500 points during the day week, I think on Thursday or Friday, and that brought the Drive-By Media out in a coordinated campaign of fear and loathing and how once again Trump is bumbling his way through the china shop, not knowing what he’s doing. That the ChiComs were gonna get the best of us once again ’cause Trump doesn’t know, he doesn’t know about trade wars. He just can’t do what Trump is doing, and yet Trump did it, and the ChiComs blinked.

And now I have to suffer through the insulting of my intelligence by reading news stories today, “No trade war. The market has realized there won’t be a trade war.” Don’t tell me the market realized. The market doesn’t think. The market’s down 500 points because the market fears a trade war, then the market’s up 500 points when it realizes there isn’t gonna be a trade war? They would love you to believe that market volatility can be pegged that specifically to issue after issue after issue. But that’s not the case.

But the overall thing to see here is that, once again, the Trump detractors, primarily in the Drive-By Media, hadn’t the slightest idea what they were talking about, because their premise, their opening premise is that Trump is unqualified, he’s unknowledgeable, he’s unsophisticated, and everybody in the world is gonna be able to run rings around him ’cause he’s an idiot, he’s a narcissist, he’s an egomaniac, he likes porn stars, and he cheated with Putin — oh, wait a minute. That don’t fly with being stupid. ‘Cause he got away with it, right?

If Trump colluded and stole the election, how come the brightest minds in Washington can’t find the evidence? If Trump actually stole a presidential election, if Donald Trump worked with the Russians to actually deny Hillary Clinton her entitled presidency, then how come the wizards of smart can’t find the evidence for it? Well, because the answer is it didn’t happen.

But, see, on the one hand we have Trump, this master manipulator, this secretive operative that’s slinking away where nobody can see and manipulating the entire United States presidential election. And then over here he doesn’t know enough to get out of the way of the ChiComs, the Mexicans are gonna run rings around him, the guy’s an absolute bumbling fool. When in fact the people who are being shown to be bumbling, stumbling fools every day are largely all of these critics of Trump who end up being shown to be wrong more often than you can keep track of.

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