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Donna Shalala! That’s a familiar name in national politics. She a Clinton cabinet member and she was also executive director of the Clinton Foundation — and she used to ride around in a pick-up truck with Janet Reno! This is a woman who knows where the bodies are buried. So to speak.

Now Shalala is running for Congress for an open seat in Miami being vacated by a Republican. With her Democrat credentials and clout — I mean, she used to be the president at the University of Miami — this should be a cakewalk.

But she has run into trouble. Two of the seven Democrats running against her in the primary have ganged up on Shalala — and it takes two to do that, by the way. They’ve accused her of personally contributing $20,000 to Republicans in Florida over the past ten years. They’re demanding she publicly apologize for this and fork over twice that amount to the Miami-Dade Democrats.

In response to that, Shalala reminded her challengers that she has donated over a quarter million bucks to Democrats over the years. She expressed outrage that they would dare question her loyalty to the party.

The real story is not a petty squabble among Democrats. Not long ago, these locoweed wannabes wouldn’t dare buck a member of the Clinton inner circle.

No, the real story is how little fear and respect this current crop of Democrats have for the once-mighty Clintons. Their time? It looks like it has come and gone, folks.

And where is Bill in all of this?

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