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Note from Rush: This monologue was based on an email from a female Trump supporter.

RUSH: Well, you know, you bring up stormy weather. I’ve been thinking about this Stormy Daniels, Make America Horny Again business. And you can’t think about this without thinking about Bill Clinton. And you can’t do that without then starting to make some comparisons.

For example, by virtue of the Access Hollywood video, it’s safe to conclude that Trump voters don’t care. Okay. So he had affairs. Who with? Well, I know this is subjective. But many would say that the women of Trump are really beautiful women, Playboy models, some of them are porn stars, and the Trump voters that like him say, “So what? Good for him. Trump was a playboy in his days back in New York City, and he’s always liked incredibly good-looking and exotic women. He’s married three of them. So what?” says your average Trump voter.

Then you bring Bill Clinton into it. Bill Clinton had unwanted sex with — gotta be very careful here — in terms of their lives, Bill Clinton was not choosing exotic women. They were not women putting it all out there in porn movies or posing for Playboy. Some of Clinton’s women might have tried that later on. They were regular, middle income working women, who Clinton attacked, stalked, harassed, and perhaps raped. None of that is going on with Trump.


RUSH: You know, I just got lucky. I just saw something in a short commercial break — three minutes — and I saw enough of it to be able to tell you about it. Normally, you don’t catch enough in a three-minute break to be able to share it. I’m watching CNN. They’re talking about Stormy Daniels and the Make America Horny Again Tour, and her lawyer and Trump and so forth. It’s Amanda Carpenter (she was the communications director for Ted Cruz, right?) and April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks.

April Ryan is a bomb-throwing leftist in the White House press corps, and this was fascinating ’cause Amanda Carpenter, who’s a Cruzette — and I gather from this that she does not like the Trumpster at all. And she was praising Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, this former Democrat activist. Avenatti is his name. And she was saying, Amanda Carpenter (paraphrased), “This Stormy Daniels lawyer is doing better than anybody in the Democrat Party at combating Donald Trump.

“It is clear that Donald Trump’s lawyers and Donald Trump have tried to silence all of these porn stars and all of these exotic women so their stories couldn’t be told before the election, but this lawyer is better at playing Trump’s game than Trump is. He knows the suspense. He knows this and that,” and April Ryan, you would think, would just be as happy as she could be about this. ‘Cause here you have a Republican campaign strategist or communications person, Amanda Carpenter, just dumping all over Trump and his ineffective lawyers, while praising Stormy Daniels’ horny lawyers.

And April Ryan is not looking happy, and that’s what amazed me. Amanda Carpenter didn’t amaze me. April Ryan amazed me. When Amanda Carpenter said, “This lawyer — Stormy Daniels’ horny lawyer — is doing a better job than even the Democrats,” April Ryan got this big frown on her face and then she quickly changed to a smile and said (paraphrased), “Look, you always be bringing it back to the Democrats. You always be doing that!”

(laughing) The guy is a former Democrat… My point is you had a Republican analyst that was just ripping Trump to shreds and praising Stormy and her lawyer, and a Democrat activist like April Ryan didn’t appear to be happy about it. Now, maybe she was just jealous. Maybe April Ryan was jealous that Amanda Carpenter was doing such a better job than whatever April Ryan’s been doing. But, “You always have to be bringing it back to the Democrats, don’t you?

“You always have to bring it back to the Democrats?” (laughing) Well, I don’t know what the endgame is with these women. (interruption) What do you mean by endgame? How’s it gonna end? Is it gonna hurt Trump? (interruption) Well, they’re gonna get what they want. I mean, Anderson Cooper interviewed the babe. CBS is gonna broadcast it Sunday night. They’re gonna get what they want. (interruption) Okay. Well, they got what they wanted with the Access Hollywood video. What did it matter? I just think it’s more grasping at straws.

It’s these people throwing something on the wall hoping it sticks. Look, I’ve been… (interruption) I don’t know if they’re hoping Mueller goes after these women or asks to use them. No, I think they are looking at this as a media battle — which is Trump’s turf — that they gonna just wipe the floor. I think it’s a media scorched-earth thing that they think they’re gonna embarrass Trump. This is all about breaking Trump’s base away from him. It’s all this is.

And I just… If the Access Hollywood video didn’t do it. They’re saying, “Well, but you know, that was different. That was years ago. This is right now, and Melania’s affected and all this.” Like I said, you can’t look at all this without remembering that we went through this with Bill Clinton. You just can’t — and Clinton got away with it, too, did he not? Clinton got away with it big time. All he lost was his law license. That’s no big deal. He got his own Library and Massage Parlor out of this down there in Little Rock.

The Energizer Bunny is probably down there more than in Chappaqua. But the Never Trumpers are so into this. This porn star has become a heroine to a lot of these Republican women who hate Trump. Let me run through this again, folks. ‘Cause, as I say, you can’t have the Trump side… I mean, you could do it but automatically you start thinking of other presidents who’ve had, quote, unquote, “women problems,” and when you start thinking that way, the other name that comes up is Bill Clinton.

And so let me run through the comparison again — and I’m gonna do this in what I think is the voice of your average Trump voter, okay? When you hear me go through this, I want you to just think you’re listening to an average Trump voter. Male or female, it doesn’t matter. You’re not listening to me, okay? You’re listening to me in the voice of your average Trump voter. “Okay. So Trump had affairs with really beautiful women. Right? And maybe they were porn stars and Playboy models. So what!

“Good for him! Trump was a playboy himself. Everybody knows that, and what’s wrong with liking really incredibly good-looking, exotic women? Where’s the crime in that? Hell, Trump’s married three of them. What in the world is wrong with this? So what?” Is what I think the average Trump voter will say, and maybe even… Because they’re gonna recognize what this is, just like they recognized what the Access Hollywood video was. They’re gonna sit there like bumps on a log and be affected by this?

But let me tell you how this differs totally from Bill Clinton — and it matters. All of this sex, all these affairs with Trump and Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, whoever they are? All consensual, right? Yes, it was. It was all consensual. None of them are alleging any abuse. They’re mad they signed the NDA, but they’re complaining that they were mistreated, are they? Nope! You can’t say that about Clinton. Clinton’s sex was, in a lot of these women’s cases, unwanted.

And I gotta be very careful here, folks, but in the voice, again, of your average Trump voter, these women with whom Clinton was involved were, shall we say — you wouldn’t call ’em exotic. I mean, even James Carville said, wave a dollar bill through a trailer park and this is what you get, your average Clinton woman. I’m not talking about their looks.

I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about their lives. Nothing exotic. Nobody knew who they were beforehand. They were not women putting it all out there. They weren’t in porn movies. They weren’t posing for Playboy. I think some of them tried in the Clinton aftermath, but they were not that beforehand. They were middle income working women that Bill Clinton attacked, in some cases stalked, harassed.

I mean, the Kathleen Willey story, Clinton gets off the plane in Virginia, wherever it was, and she’s standing to the side, and Clinton walks up, this was caught on video, he’s talking to some local Democrat official at the bottom of the stairs of the plane (Clinton impression), “Hey, hey, who is that babe over there? Can you get me that number?” Trump wasn’t asking for anybody’s number. He’d just walk up to ’em. Trump didn’t need a wingman. Clinton probably didn’t, either, a lot of times.

But, anyway, Trump does not do this! Trump does not harass, he does not stalk, he does not abuse or any of that, like Clinton did. And it’s a big difference! Okay, so your average Trump voter, “Okay, so he paid them to be quiet. I can understand that. That’s just the price that Trump is willing to pay and that they were willing to accept to do the deal. So what? It was a transaction.”

That’s what I think the average Trump voter’s reaction to this is and is gonna be. But they’re gonna try to make this into what they tried to make the Access Hollywood video out of. So they got Stormy. She’s gonna be on 60 Minutes. We’re gonna get all the details. Stormy is very smart, by the way. She tweeted or posted somewhere, “I technically did not sleep with Donald Trump.”

And some people said, “See? She’s now starting to come clean. She’s starting to come. See, she is admitting now she technically didn’t sleep –” But you need to read the next line. She said, “There wasn’t any sleeping.” (laughing)

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