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Mar 21, 2018


“Do not think the Democrats can score big here by running a bunch of Conor Lamb imitators, ’cause they’re gonna get creamed by dyed-in-the-wool radical leftist Democrats if there is a primary involved.”

“Stop watching and consuming mainstream media news. Try it for a week and see if you don’t have an altogether different outlook on your life.”

“Your loyalty to Trump, your unwavering support, I can’t tell you how that irritates and angers the media. You keep it up and you’ll never see evidence of it, but you’re driving them crazy that they cannot change your mind.”

“Has anybody in the Drive-By Media gone to Barack Obama and asked him to comment about his campaign’s exploitation of data that has been harvested from Facebook users?”

NPR: Jennifer Palmieri: Hillary Ran With ‘Half Her Humanity Tied Behind Her Back’
The Hill: GOP Senate Candidate Slams McCaskill Over Clinton Ties
CBS: Trump Addresses Record-Setting GOP Fundraiser
Bloomberg: Trump Says There’s ‘No Reason’ GOP Cannot Win Midterm Elections
CNSNews: Obama Called Putin ‘to Congratulate Him on His Recent Victory’
CNN: Trump Furious Over Leak of Warning to Not Congratulate Putin
National Review: Is Cambridge Analytica Really an ‘Information Weapon’ in a ‘Data War’? – Jim Geraghty
Washington Free Beacon: Messina Touts 2012 Obama Campaign’s ‘Targeted Sharing’ Technique on Facebook
Daily Wire: POLL: GOP Losing Women And College Graduates
WNYC: Brian Lehrer Show: Gov. Florio Reflects
Bloomberg: Under Fire and Losing Trust, Facebook Plays the Victim
Business Insider: Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg are Quietly Freaking Out and Pulling Late Nights Behind the Scenes
FOXNews: Stormy Daniels’ Attorney: To Think This Case Is Politically Motivated Is ‘Laughable’
LA Times: The GOP Knows You Don’t Like Anchovies – 06.25.06
Federalist: Hillary Clinton’s Woman-Bashing Is Why Women Find Feminism So Distasteful – Sabrina Schaeffer
NewsBusters: Survey Says: Politicized Sports, Entertainment Driving Viewers Away
New York Times: Who Is Mark Conditt, the Suspected Austin Bomber?
The Hill: Omnibus to Include $641M in Funding for Non-Concrete Border Barrier
Breitbart: More California Cities Seek to Defy ‘Sanctuary State’ as Revolt Spreads
The Hill: Dershowitz: Mueller Performing ‘Legal Colonoscopy,’ Never Should Have Been Appointed


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