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RUSH: Do you remember…? I don’t know how long ago it was. It was within the past month. This student from the Stoneman High School in Parkland, David Hogg, who became the media darling, you remember I advised him just to skip college and go straight to journalism, that he had nothing else to learn? (interruption) Like who? Oh, Farrow, yeah, Ronan Farrow, they put him on TV at MSNBC and after three days gave him the Cronkite journalism award.

Yeah, this kid had already been lovingly embraced by CNN and PMSNBC, and using my own experience as a guide, I advised Mr. Hogg, “Screw it. Don’t waste your time. You don’t need to go to college. You’re already qualified. You’ve got journalism down pat. You know who the enemies are. You know how to rip ’em to shreds. They’re just waiting to hire you. Don’t waste time. Go straight to journalism. It doesn’t take any more training than you already have.”

Well, see, on March 16th, three days ago, Mr. Hogg tweeted, “Just got rejected from another college, but that’s okay. We’re already changing the world. Good night, everybody.” So apparently he’s having trouble getting admitted to college. And my point is: Mr. Hogg, forget it. You don’t need it. If you apply, CNN would hire you, MSNBC would hire you. I don’t know this for certain ’cause I don’t know people there, but I’m saying, my advice to David Hogg, skip college, go straight to journalism. Already has it down pat.

Speaking of that, you know, the stories that come out of there, we’re gonna get to Cambridge analytics here just a second, folks, and what I was waiting to be printed out. “Some Officials Wanted Stoneman Douglas Suspect Nikolas Cruz Committed.” It’s just another story with another batch of evidence and information of how many people knew that the shooter at this high school was not right and was posing a very real threat that was ignored.

We’re now up I think to 66 or 67 different warnings, signs, incidents that this guy specifically was a good bet to go off his mind and do this. One person even specifically warned of the fact she thought he could go shoot up the school. And what you come to realize as you go through all these is that everybody in law enforcement, everybody that had anything to do with this school, anybody down there, they knew what this guy was for a year. And nobody did anything. And one of the primary reasons is Barack Obama again. I’m sorry, but the PROMISE Program rears its head here. And this program paid school districts and local law enforcement not to arrest people so as not to incarcerate African-Americans in prison because Obama wanted to reduce those numbers and percentages.

And since they couldn’t just give African-Americans and other minorities a pass on committing crimes, they had to pretty much give everybody a pass and were paid for it. So now the families of these victims, look at how many places these families could go to sue just for negligence. But the point is not one of them is the NRA. Not one of these places that acted negligently in a way that made this shooter and his event possible was the NRA. But every one of them, every one of them in some way has ties to government.

And when you look at this presented the way it is now, after this amount of time has gone by, you look at all the different places and people and institutions that knew who this guy was and knew about him for a year or longer and did nothing, and now we’re at the stage where the families of the victims are gonna be looking at lawsuits and restitution, the NRA is not culpable. The NRA was not negligent. Every institution that was is government.

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