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RUSH: And here is today’s Morning Update if it were delivered by Hillary Clinton…

(impression) A quick update on the story from the other day, y’ynow, about the Minneapolis high school kid who was assaulted by a mob, y’know, because he was carrying a “Trump” flag. At least eight students attacked him on the day students around the country cut class to demand more gun control — and, y’know, to smear the NRA.

The few Drive-By Media outlets that bothered to cover the story reported that the student suffered, y’know, “minor injuries.” Now, we’ve since learned that in addition to having his flag snatched and his camera vandalized, the victim’s arm was broken in two places. That’s nothing! He should have had a leg broken, too.

So far, no arrests have been made.

Which brings me to this: Another student — in Hilliard, Ohio — has been suspended over the student protests because he chose not to protest. Jacob Shoemaker, a senior at Hilliard Davidson High School, y’know, stayed in his classroom instead of joining the protest. A real creep! He says he didn’t want to take sides in, y’know, the gun-control debate. He wanted to, y’know, remain apolitical.

Now, while his teacher and other students protested, Jacob did his homework. He was then suspended, y’know, because students can’t be left, y’know, “unsupervised.”

Well, Jacob, you got a suspension. At other American high schools, you could have had your property stolen — as it should have been — and you could have been vandalized, and your legs broken. As maybe should have happened, given your obstenance! So, y’know, Jacob, you really need to count your blessings. Y’know?

You need to count your blessings.

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