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RUSH: Hey, you remember that big school walkout last week? Students from all over cut classes to demand more gun control laws and smear the NRA. But it wasn’t spontaneous. The walkout was organized by the highly partisan, highly liberal “Women’s March” organization.

Now apparently, some students didn’t read the memo about how to behave.

In Minneapolis, a Southwest High School student joined the walkout. But instead of an anti-NRA sign, he carried a flag with Trump’s name on it along with the “Make America Great Again” slogan.

And that didn’t go over well with his fellow student protesters. He was confronted by two of his classmates; then six other students jumped in. By the time the skirmish was over, the kid’s Trump flag had been grabbed; he had suffered injuries from the assault by a gang of pure-as-the-wind-driven-snow students who lectured and marched to eliminate violence from our society.

No arrests have been made, naturally.

But isn’t it a crying shame that the kids who committed this assault don’t have more respect for “diversity”? They haven’t learned to “tolerate” those with different views who may not look like them, may act like them, or think politically like they do.

Instead, they bully. They assault. Thank God, these liberal kids didn’t have guns handy. Who knows what would have happened then! I guess our schools have failed them. They just continue to fail our kids, no matter what. It’s a shame.

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