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RUSH: Do you remember earlier this week I told you I had a story where a scientist said nobody is 100 percent straight? That was made up too. That was totally made up. That was not true. Audio sound bites. Grab No. 22, No. 23. Here’s Ritch Savin-Williams, university professor at Cornell, and he’s on Headline News Across America, and he’s asked, “What exactly did you find here in your study of homosexuality and straight people?”

WILLIAMS: We did eye dilation, pupil dilation, and genital arousal studies, and it shows that most women are attracted to both sexes. Men, on the other hand, can be attracted to both sexes, though I will say that most of them identify as exclusively straight. The important thing for me is that there’s a new group, a new sexuality, if you will, who are in essence this population are mostly straight, that is, they are 90% straight aroused to the opposite sex, but about 10% same section attraction. Eighty percent of the population is exclusively straight. It’s the other 20% that is of interest to me.

RUSH: So then the host said, “So if you have one finding that no one’s 100% straight, you also say no one’s 100% gay.” And he says, “That’s not what we said. It was reported that nobody is 100% straight, but that was a mistake. Whoever reported initially got it wrong.”

WILLIAMS: I would never say that there are no 100% straight people. I do believe there are a fair number of totally straight people and —

RUSH: All right. That’s enough. I don’t care about this. It’s just an example of how they lie and make things up, you know, whatever this guy’s research found, you know, big whoop. It’s that he was lied about. His research was lied about again with a left-wing tinge.

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