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Mar 14, 2018


“Life on Earth has never been better than it is today in any statistical way that you want to measure it.”

“Why would you go on a trip to Mars if you’re likely to die on the trip? Wouldn’t that kind of mean failure? Columbus didn’t know where he was going. We do know where we’re going: Nowhere. That makes us dumber than Columbus!”

“Do you think Stephen Hawking had every question he had answered? I guarantee you he didn’t. He died still thirsting and questing for knowledge. We all do and we all will.”

Daily Wire: PA-18 In Dead Heat, No Winner Yet. Here’s What That Means
The Hill: Democrat Conor Lamb Declares Victory in Pennsylvania Race
Business Insider: Republicans are Panicking After a Democrat Just Cleaned Up in a Deep-Red District — and the Results Should ‘Terrify’ Them
UKDM: Stephen Hawking’s Final Warning to Humanity: Legendary Physicist Believed We Must Leave Earth in the Next 200 Years or Face Extinction
CBS: Elon Musk on First Mars Explorers: “Good Chance You’ll Die”
Reuters: In Warning for Trump, Democrats Claim Too-Close-to-Call Pennsylvania Vote
CBS: Students Protesting Gun Violence in Nationwide School Walkout
TIME: House Democrats Cite ‘Evidence’ of Trump-Russia Collusion
Washington Examiner: Adam Schiff’s TV Career at Risk After GOP Shuts Down Russia Probe
The Hill: Dems are Angry Over Hillary Clinton’s Latest Comments
The Hill: Michael Hayden: America needs Gina Haspel to lead the CIA
CNBC: Sen. Rand Paul Says He Opposes Trump’s Picks for Secretary of State, CIA Director
PJ Media: McCain: CIA Nominee ‘Needs to Explain the Nature and Extent of Her Involvement’ in Torture
New York Times: Trump’s Pick for New CIA Chief Dogged by Secret Prisons
Star-Telegram: Oklahoma Mom Who Once Married Her Son Will Now Go to Jail for Marrying Her Daughter
Daily Caller: Obama Used Fusion GPS Investigate Romney
Wall Street Journal: Strassel: Trolling for Dirt on the President’s List – 05.10.12
Tablet: Who Believes in Russiagate? – Lee Smith


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