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9RUSH: The Wall Street Journal says that “new life” has suddenly come to Granite City, Illinois.

Now two years ago under Obama, the United States Steel Corporation scaled down operations; 1,500 workers were laid off.

Those layoffs had a ripple effect. Other businesses suffered, too, like companies that sold work boots or delivered lunches to hungry employees. Within a year of U.S. Steel scaling back 26 other businesses closed. Granite City, population 30,000, was crushed.

But then President Trump announced he was imposing tariffs on foreign steel imports, on products made by companies that are often highly subsidized by foreign governments.

Suddenly, things changed.

U.S. Steel announced that one of the furnaces they’d shut down would be fired up again. Five hundred workers were called back to work, some as early as this week. Average salary is close to $60,000.

Meanwhile, in the Washington Post, Katrina vanden Heuvel urged readers not to be “fooled by Trump’s tariffs” because “he’s running a con.”

It’s typical left-wing BS, written by someone who never spent a day in her life at a steel mill or worrying about paying the bills after being laid off from that good steel mill job.

Katrina, don’t worry. The people of Granite City and other towns like it know exactly who’s running the con, and it’s not President Trump. It’s all of you people on the left who have been telling these people you’re looking out for ’em, when you don’t care a whit about them.

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