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RUSH: I caused the Meet Rush team at the website to have a panic, ’cause it’s not up and running yet, folks. What we’re doing is simply collecting the data. Here’s the program. It’s called Meet Rush, and if you go to the home page at RushLimbaugh.com, find the iPhone graphic that we have and go to the lower-left hand corner where it says “Meet Rush,” and click on it, that will take you to a page we call Team Rush, where you can apply. You know, send us an email about why we should contact you, find out what the program means to you, how long you’ve been listening, whatever.

Tell us why you should be one that we pick every week — and you might be. We’re in the process of producing the results here, the actual videos of the people we’ve chosen to interview. And these are video conferences. Do you realize a family…? I have to tell you this. A family delayed a funeral for a late family member in order to conduct a video conference with us. We said, “No! You don’t have to.” “No, no. We’d be happy to delay the funeral for a couple hours.” They delayed a funeral to do the video conference.

Now, the videos of these people are not up and running yet. But you can apply to be one of them at RushLimbaugh.com. Find the iPhone graphic, or just keep your eye on the banner — the big, floating banner at the top of the home page — and you’ll eventually see the Team Rush banner where you can click on and then you can apply to be one of the lucky members of the audience that we reach and interview via video conference. And then you never know. You may end up being used.

That’s where you get the opportunity to ask me anything you wanted to know for as long as you’ve been listening to the program. And it’s those questions that I’m talking about that are better than anything I’ve been asked, I think ever, by anybody interviewing. Certainly the 60 Minutes program. ‘Cause, you know, you do an interview on TV, and they’re always a half combination of accusing or, “Explain yourself,” or, “What do you think of this political thing?” To find out what’s on your-all’s minds is fascinating ’cause you know all that stuff.

You know the political angle and you know my frame of mind and those things. The questions that you-all are asking are great. So we hope to have the beginning series sometime this week. We are working feverishly on these. These require a lot of editing, as you can understand, just for time purposes. But hang with it. We’re trying to get something up this week. If we’re able to, I will by all means give you a heads-up, as will the website.

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