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RUSH: What’s funny is that CBS, they’ve been playing up this interview with the Make America Horny Again babe, Stormy Daniels. Over at The View today, like Joy Behar… These people are beyond description. They’re now hoping that this CBS interview produces impeachable offenses, that Stormy Daniels has the goods to impeach Trump. Meanwhile, while all that’s happening, the Washington Post is working on a story of all of the sexual turmoil and abuse that’s going on at CBS, where 60 Minutes is.

Since that happened, CBS said, “Well, yeah, we’re gonna do the Stormy Daniels interview, but we don’t know when it’s gonna air.”

JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny south Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: Yeah? Well, how come they don’t know when it’s gonna air? Because they don’t yet know what the Washington Post story on all the sexual turmoil at CBS and 60 Minutes is gonna say. And if there’s a whole bunch of sexual abuse and catting around and people having affairs and doing all this kind of stuff, then 60 Minutes is gonna look a little strange doing a story on the Stormy Daniels saying that Trump had an affair…

They not gonna be able to throw stones at Trump without being dirty themselves. I guarantee you, CBS and the Washington Post are probably talking. CBS is saying, “Bezos, what the hell you trying to do to us here? We’re on the verge of taking Trump out again,” for, what, the 15,000th time (chuckling), “and you’re gonna blow it for us!”

Anyway, great to be back with you, folks, after a momentary, brief pause the top of the hour. Oh, I should say I’m not gonna be here Monday. We have Mark Steyn coming in be guest host on Monday. It’s my annual… Well, one of my annual charity golf appearances that is slated for Monday. So Mark Steyn will be here. I didn’t want to not mention this to you and having you show up here Monday and say, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! What happened?” Somebody always thinks something’s happened if I don’t announce in advance that we’re gonna have a guest host on a particular day.

(interruption) Oh, no. No. It’s not dawning on people that the Stormy Daniels story isn’t going anywhere.

It’s not dawning on ’em yet, no. No. (chuckling)


RUSH: Stormy Daniels of the Make America Horny Again Tour… Her lawyer says “that he has proof that Trump knew of hush money payment.” Okay. Let me ask you, folks. I have no idea about this, and frankly I don’t care about it, but I know the left does. Joy Behar and others think that they’re gonna get Trump impeached over this. There was something else last week and then something else before that.

Trump survived the Access Hollywood video, Trump has survived everything they’ve thrown at him, and yet they think this is gonna get him impeached? You know what my question is that the reporters are not asking? “Hey, Stormy Daniels? Who’s paying your lawyer? Are you earning enough money from the Make America Horny Tour gigs like in South and North Carolina? Do you make enough money to hire this big time lawyer? Who is paying your lawyer, Stormy?” You talk about Trump’s lawyer all the time, but who’s paying her?


RUSH: So 60 Minutes is gonna interview Stormy Daniels. How many of the Matt Lauer women has 60 Minutes interviewed? Have TV networks interviewed any of the women Matt Lauer? None? Is that right?

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