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RUSH: I have a couple audio sound bites here of Pelosi to illustrate. We mentioned this in the previous hour. This goes back to the economic success — the numbers, the employment numbers — and my belief that the internal polling numbers the Democrats focus groups, the Democrats are doing on the economy and Trump’s tax cuts may be looking very bad. Because, remember, here was Pelosi back on January 11th at her weekly press conference, audio sound bite No. 20…

PELOSI: The crumbs that they are giving to workers to kind of put the schmooze on is so pathetic.

RUSH: Here’s Nancy Pelosi yesterday…

PELOSI: We love when people get a bonus and if they get a raise! But if … the choice was made for corporate America and the top 1% in our society at the expense of working families. Something’s wrong with this picture.

RUSH: Ah, she still can’t walk it all the way back. She tried, but this is why they gotta get rid of her. They sent her out there to walk this back and try to limit some of this negative. So she gets a first sentence out, and then she can’t help herself. “But if … the choice was made for corporate America the top 1% at expense of working families, something’s wrong…” It’s not what happened, Nancy.

Eighty percent of the American people are getting a tax cut, and many of them are getting bonuses. There are all kinds of new jobs being created, the kind of jobs that never happened during eight years of Obama and you… They’re in trouble. Don’t get the wrong idea. Don’t get overly confident, but I’m telling you: They’re in trouble. They’re not winning. They’re not running the roost. They’re not controlling things like the media would have you believe.

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