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RUSH: We’ve learned a little bit more about the 800-plus illegal immigrants who escaped capture thanks to the Mayor of Oakland Libby Schaff’s warning that ICE raids were coming.

One of these guys had convictions for unlawful sex with a minor, and a DUI. He was previously deported in 2003. Another had a conviction for sodomizing a victim who’d been drugged. He also had a DUI, and was previously deported in 2013. Another guy who escaped is a Mexican gang member with convictions for possessing a dangerous weapon, spousal abuse, burglary and battery on a cap.

Also escaping capture was Armando Nunez-Salgado. He’s a Mexican gang member, deported four times, convicted of assault with a deadly weapon, hit-and-run causing injury, and evading the cops.

These criminals are on the loose in California today thanks to Democrat Mayor Libby Schaff. But she’s not alone.

In Denver, an illegal alien was captured a day after he slammed a vehicle into a truck and then fled the scene. The truck driver was killed. Denver sheriffs are refusing to honor a detainer order from ICE. If this illegal alien posts bond he’ll be out of jail and in the wind.

These are the people who were given special consideration by Libby Schaff and her liberal Democrat comrades. Violent abusers. Sexual predators. Criminals who have preyed on innocent people in the past and will do so again all because of today’s Democrat Party permitting it.

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