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Mar 7, 2018


“Was there a blue wave in the Texas primaries yesterday? The Drive-Bys told us it was coming, that the Democrats were energized and they were gonna show how much they hate Trump and how much the country hates Trump and there was gonna be a precursor for the Democrats winning the House in 2018. Did it happen?”

“The Trump economic performance continues on its upward trend line with no end in sight to it, and Gary Cohn’s departure represents an opportunity.”

“The attorney general, Jeff Sessions, went to my adopted hometown today, Sacramento, California, to tell ’em they’re nuts and announced federal government lawsuit against California’s sanctuary state and its sanctuary cities.”

“What is the difference between a CNN and Sam Nunberg day to day? And the answer is very little. The CNN anchors might be sober while Nunberg wasn’t, but other than that you can’t tell ’em apart.”

Breitbart: U.S. Steel to Call Back 500 Employees to Illinois Plant After Trump Announces Tariffs on Foreign Steel
Forbes: Phone Scams Remain on IRS ‘Dirty Dozen’ List of Tax Scams
HotAir: Study: Millennials Actually More Gullible than Their Grandparents
CNBC: The Case for a Rally Just Got Murkier with Gary Cohn’s Departure
CNBC: Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross: ‘We’re Not Trying to Blow Up the World’ with Tariffs
The Hill: Support Rising for GOP’s Tax Overhaul: Poll
Wall Street Journal: The TurboTax Defense. A New York Times Correction Blames the Popular Software, but a Liberal Academic Still Isn’t Satisfied
Washington Examiner: Jeff Sessions Hits California Lawmakers for ‘Radical Open Borders Agenda’
The Hill: Dems Double Turnout in Texas from Previous Midterm
The Hill: George P. Bush Wins Primary in Texas
NBC: Stormy Daniels Sues Trump, says ‘Hush Agreement’ Invalid Because He Never Signed
People’s Pundit Daily: Texas Primaries Boast Record Turnout, But Democrats Fall Short
FOXNews: Michael Flynn Selling Home to Pay for Legal Fees After Pleading Guilty in Trump Probe
ZeroHedge: Russia Blamed For Italian Election Outcome
Daily Wire: NYT Creates Fictional Couple Supposedly Hurt By Trump’s Tax Plan. There’s Only One Problem: Trump’s Tax Plan Helps Them
NewsBusters: Nuts for Nunberg: CNN Spends Nearly 75% of Airtime on Fmr. Trump Aide
Twitchy: ‘Blue’ Texas? Here’s What Really Happened with Turnout in Yesterday’s Primaries
Breitbart: CBS Pilot: White Dad Widowed After Cop Kills His Black Husband
ABC: Justice Dept. Suing California Over Sanctuary Laws, Gov. Brown Calls It a ‘Political Stunt’
FOXNews: Hume: Media Clearly Joined ‘The Resistance’ Against Trump
CNN: Stormy Daniels Sues Trump Over Alleged Affair and ‘Hush’ Agreement
Washington Times: ‘Dreamers’ Turn Ire on Democrats as DACA Deadline Passes


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