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RUSH: Say folks, it’s been six months since President Trump rolled back Obama’s unconstitutional executive action that granted amnesty to the so-called DREAMers. Trump threw the ball to Congress for a fix, which is where it belongs.

Six months later, no fix. So on Monday, DREAMers staged a sit-in at the DNC headquarters in Washington. They wanted to send the message that they blame Democrats, along with Republicans, for the stalemate. Some immigrant rights activists, who are U.S. citizens, threatened to cancel their membership in the Democratic Party to make sure the Democrats get the point.

Now, the chairman of the DNC Tom Perez, who is a lunatic, immediately went to the old playbook. He blamed Trump for cruelty and recklessness for getting rid of Obama’s executive action. But that old approach didn’t placate the DREAMers.

One protester blamed the Democrats for making a calculation to kick the can down the road, leaving them in uncertainty. She said that they’re scared they might be torn away from their homes and communities.

Now, of course, nobody in the political establishment is willing to tell these young illegals where the blame really belongs. For years, Democrats have used these people as political pawns, so they deserve to have these kids protesting outside their door. And here’s the thing: it was their parents who knowingly brought them into this country illegally, and created this nightmare for the DREAMers.

Let’s not forget who started all of this.



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