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RUSH: The ground is shifting in the Democrat Party. Young liberals are lining up in droves to take out the old, Jurassic Park Democrats. Dianne Feinstein, California’s elder senator, is the poster girl for these troubles. A few weeks ago, California’s party machine refused to endorse her for reelection. Illinois House Democrat Daniel Lipinski is facing a tough challenge from progressive Marie Newman. Her supporters are framing him as an anti-woman dinosaur. An anti-woman Democrat! Can you believe it?

In Texas, establishment Democrats are so worried about a Houston seat that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee unloaded an opposition research campaign on the progressive challenger. Progressives erupted with massive anger because the DCCC is supposed to be neutral in primaries. 

The New York Times reported over the weekend that the battles to define the Democrat Party are being fought in safe Democrat districts — places like Boston, Chicago, New York. Younger progressives who are “often women, people of color, or both,” are running against establishment Democrat men.

Now, based on liberal Democrats’ “identity politics,” these choices should be easy! If Democrat men face Democrat women, obviously the men should step aside and let the women win. If it’s a person of color, people of non-color should step aside — unless the challenger is gay or transgendered or here illegally. And if they don’t bleieve in climate change, then…

Oh well. I’ve lost track of what they’re doing.

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