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RUSH: Earlier this week, I told you about her: Libby Schaaf – the radical, leftist wacko mayor of Oakland, California. She’s the one who warned illegal immigrants that ICE would be conducting raids within 24 hours.

Due to her warning, hundreds of illegal alien criminals avoided capture. Tom Homan, the acting director of ICE, says that of the 864 illegals targeted, only 150 were picked up. The mayor’s warning put the lives and safety of ICE agents at risk as well as everyone else in the city.

Director Homan says that what the mayor did “was no better than a gang lookout yelling ‘[Five-0]!’ when a police cruiser comes into the neighborhood, except she did it to the entire community.”

On Wednesday, this glittering jewel of colossal ignorance held a press conference and instead of apologizing, she doubled down. She used her own hatred of Trump to justify what she did: “We have to fight against the racist myth that the Trump administration is trying to perpetuate that immigrants are dangerous criminals. There is nothing further from the truth.”

And she’s dead wrong. Among the 150 illegal immigrants picked up, many were dangerous criminals — and among those who escaped because of her were many more dangerous criminals who we can predict will commit more crimes.

Mayor Schaaf is the face of the new “progressive” Democrat Party: Irresponsible, unaccountable  and fueled by some kind of incomprehensible hate.

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