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RUSH: Have you seen what’s going on in South Africa, by the way?

The ANC, the African National Congress, Nelson Mandela’s bunch, they took over the South African government when apartheid fell. They have just decided, they have just decreed that all white-owned farmland, 72% of farmland in South Africa owned by whites, it’s gonna be confiscated. They’re just gonna take it. They’re not gonna pay anybody for it. They’re just gonna take it.

The last time that happened in Africa was Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, and you take a look at what’s happening in Zimbabwe. Now, in South Africa they don’t have any way to resist this. It’s not just farmland. It’s all white-owned property. The African National Congress is gonna seize it. And there is a comment period from now ’til August if you disagree, you can show up. But then you might get necklaced.

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