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Feb 21, 2018


“Your host is being smeared all over the United States over something I didn’t even know had happened, and yet I am supposedly the leader of the group of people saying it. “

“Trump’s approval number’s at 48%. Obama’s approval number at this very time in his presidency was 45%. So Trump is doing three percentage points better.”

“Many American liberals are fit to be tied, folks, over the success of the Marvel movie Black Panther. There’s all kinds of diversity in it, but there aren’t any gay characters. There isn’t any homosexuality in the movie, and the left is ticked off about it.”

The Hill: Florida Lawmaker’s Aide Fired After Claiming Shooting Survivors Were ‘Actors’
The Hill: Soaring Economic Optimism Could Torpedo Dems’ ‘Blue Wave’ Midterms
FOXNews: How Much Are You Worth, Nancy?’: Pelosi Heckled at Town Hall While Slamming Trump Tax Law
Rasmussen Reports: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
FOXNews: Florida School Shooting Survivor: Media Using Tragedy to Push Gun Control
FOXNews: ‘We’ve Got to Protect the Kids, Period’: Ohio Sheriff Offers Free Gun Training to Teachers
Florida Sun-Sentinel: With Stoneman Douglas Students Watching, Florida House Declines to Take Up Assault Weapons Ban
Axios: Trump Privately Talks Up New Age Limit on Guns
Politico: Trump Scrambles to Respond to School Massacre
MarketWatch: The Trump Tax Calculator — Will You Pay More or Less?
National Review: The Russian Bot Hysteria – Rich Lowry
Washington Times: ‘Black Panther’ Packed with Action, Diversity — But No Gays
Politico: Trump Rebound Has Democrats Fretting Over Midterms
Wall Street Journal: You May Have Already Won
Daily Wire: Fake News: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Pushes False Story About Buying AR-15 Without ID, Then Lies About It
Daily Beast: Democrat Linda Belcher Takes Deep-Red Kentucky Seat, the 37th Flip Since Trump’s Inauguration
City Journal: Trump, Twitter, and the GOP’s Improving Poll Numbers – Henry Olsen
The Hill: Trump Considering New Minimum Age to Buy Guns
Newsmax: Jeffrey Lord: Indictment ‘Beginning of the End’ of Russia Probe
HotAir: Politico: Yes, Dems Really Getting Worried About Midterms Now


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